Fun Hangover

Oh man! It's been almost 2 weeks -- full of holidays, vacations, one funeral, sadly, and so much traveling! I left off telling you about the waterpark weekend we had planned. We drove for hours to get to Mall of America and Waterpark of America. It was so WORTH it!

We probably spent 15 hours over the course of the weekend in the pool. I was worse than a kid. I didn't want to leave and jumped at any chance to go take a 'quick swim' again! My son (not quite 2) LOVED it as well, was bored with the lazy river after a few times, and wanted to go on the bigger slides! He was a champ! We did take him down the 10 story slide successfully, and he thought it was so fun, but we didn't test our luck twice -- deciding it was probably a little sketchy the first time.
Then, we toured SEA Life, the aquarium at Mall of America. It was really neat for science dorks like my husband and I, but my son was just too little to truly appreciate the wonder of so many species of fishes and turtles being close at hand. We did a 'behind the scenes' tour -- well worth the extra $5 each for adult passes to see how the aquarium works. We thought it was really neat -- again, the boy was a little too young but did great with the hour long talk.
Then, on to Nickelodeon Universe, where he rode like 20 rides and had a blast. He kept signing "more" after each one. The first 3 rides ended in tears, because he didn't quite understand that when we take him off of the ride, it's to get ON to another one! It was so precious!
We had such a blast, all weekend. Even now, almost 2 weeks later, we still look back fondly at the mini-trip and have what we can only term as a "Fun Hangover!" We were actually sad to go and are still catching ourselves thinking about how nice it would be to float the lazy river, get an adrenaline shot going down the body slides, or simply stroll around a giant mall. It was such a simple trip -- even what we thought might be boring, since we are typically OUTDOOR adventurers, but in the face of winter, this was a great getaway!

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  1. Sounds like a blast! Sorry about your loved one, but I'm glad you had fun otherwise! That's too cute- I can totally see my two year old son signing 'more more' wanting to go on more rides too!! :D I can't wait to take him somewhere like that! Thanks for sharing your adventure!