Gigi82 Knits - Handmade Holiday Stocking - #GreenChristmas Gift Hop Sponsor Spotlight & Review

I'm an Etsy addict. I LOVE just perusing treasuries and looking at random searches of all the lovely things that the site has to offer. During one of those sessions, I happened upon a beautiful picture of a Christmas stocking. I'm also a Christmas addict, so I stopped by Gigi82Knits. I am so excited to share with you today just what I found! I happen to LOVE her logo---so original and full of good cheer and humor!

You see, not only is it neat to me that Gigi lives in Dublin (I've always loved the thought of Ireland and taking a trip there!) but she has also been knitting for many years. Her female relatives taught her when she was young and she moved throught the ranks of the knitting world and eventually got to where she is now---extremely skilled with a backlog or customer requests for her gorgeous holiday stockings!

This is a cute polar bear stocking in Moss Green that is a photo from her Etsy shop.

She is actually not taking anymore orders for THIS holiday season, but she has a SUPER deal going on right now through May 2013!!!! 50% off future orders!!! Use the code STOCKING2013!

Current Information regarding orders from the shop:

**Turnaround time for personalized stockings is about 3 months now. If you would like to order stockings for 2013, you can contact me to be put on a waiting list without paying for the order right now. I will ask you if you're still interested then and you will still get the discount. All orders for personalized stockings will be knitted in 2013.**

A close-up of the reindeer marching along the stocking...see the detail? It's Rudolph!!!

Not only can you enter to win a Personalized Handmade Holiday Stocking HERE, as part of my #GreenChristmas Gifts Giveaway Hop, you can ALSO WIN by entering Gigi's very own giveaway from HER blog by clicking here! This gal is full of energy and holiday spirit, go check out her page and shop!

The stocking is so soft, I truly wish that I could wear it! It would be incredibly comfortable! The quality of materials used as well as the craftsmanship and enthusiasm that goes into all of Gigi's creations is very evident when you hold one of her stockings! This is a tri-color stocking, but she has recently started mastering the 4-color options -- so make sure to check out her Etsy shop for all the options!
Here is my mail from within the International post envelope.... *squeal*

Why buy the bulk-made, run-of-the-mill stockings when you can purchase true holiday art---and you know the work conditions and materials that are used in each one! They are knit with love! Instead of a machine, using energy and emitting CO2 (it's very likely stockings made in factories have a much higher emissions factor) get one of these -- Gigi likely works on caffeine or maybe eggnog--not coal or petrol products! She does not use organic yarn as the colors are not the same or anywhere near as brilliant as the acrylic colors you see in her products now, but she has been keeping an eye out for options that could work someday that are even greener! No matter what, something handmade is usually a safe bet for being greener than what you can buy on the shelf.

The stockings are hung by the *doorway* with care...

So, admittedly, we have several of the boring, generic production-based stockings. I would LOVE to get another stocking or two from Gigi in the future---they WOULD make great gifts! I'm always one to try and find alternatives to big box madness and these stockings are no exception! I am in love with her work and I am touched that she included an Ireland postcard with my stocking---so nice! Is there someone in your life that would ADORE a stocking like this? It's such a delightful green gift--I'm actually sad that after the holidays we'll be taking it down until next year!

Here is a photo from Gigi's shop of penguins on parade as well as a red reindeer and green bear!
ONE lucky reader will be winning a personalized stocking of their choosing, to be made in 2013 for next years' holiday season! How cool is it that you'll not only have a chance to have a more meaningful stocking, but also a little piece of Ireland art! You can also use the code above at anytime to save 50% (now through May!) if you just can't let an adorable stocking slip away! Oh---and make sure to check out her blog and FAQ's--if for no other reason than to learn a little and get a glimpse of this gals' witty nature and great photos!


  1. Wow, she makes incredible stuff! I wish I was that talented. I would love to have a set of these stockings for my family....
    What a fantastic christmas gift these would be! Thanks for featuring them!

  2. You're the best! Thanks so much for the lovely review, I am flattered!

  3. These are really neat! They are way out of my price range but I know the amount of time it takes to make something like this so they aren't overpriced. :) Knitting is not my area of expertise. I crochet, sew and embroider but I can't knit. I can't even figure out those plastic knitting looms, lol! I have great respect for someone who can knit such beautiful things.

    1. I forgot to leave a link! I think this one is especially nice!

  4. I always wanted to make my own socks, but I'd don't knit. I think these are cute:

  5. These are so lovely. I've worked on my knitting skills for several years now and can barely do better than a flat piece. I can crochet well but am always awed by those who can knit a sock or intricate pattern!

  6. These are amazing! I love how they look like traditional Scandinavian sweaters. My favorite is the reindeer. :)