Giveaway Tools vs. Rafflecopter - Make the switch?

Hey everyone! So, you may be frustrated with Rafflecopter. I am too. I am going to try to switch to Giveaway Tools --- it's the "new" thing. The up-and-coming way to do these great giveaways you love. BUT, I need your help. BLOGGER friends, this means you.

Even if you never plan to use Giveaway Tools, I need people to sign up under my link in order to move me up the wait list to get invited to use it. I know, dumb. It's just like Pinterest. Creating a big stir, when really, I'm sure that EVERYONE will be admitted. But, I guess I need to jump through the hoops. So, if you could, sign up to use Giveaway Tools under my link, I'd love it!

Click here to do so.

It's 3 questions - name, email, and URL.



  1. As a frequent giveaway enter-er, I'd still rather put up with the crap from Rafflecopter. Giveaway Tools is SO time-consuming and it's a pain to wait while it verifies each and every entry. I've skipped giveaways to avoid it.

  2. Good! I'm sick of rafflecopter, I cant use it on my kindle and they keep saying they will fix it, but its been weeks :/

  3. I'm so torn about this too! Rafflecopter is so easy but the hiccups have been so annoying lately. I don't like Giveaway Tools though.