Gneiss Spice ~ #GreenChristmas Gifts Sponsor Review Spotlight

I have never really been a culinary master. I once made my husband spaghetti without first sauteing the vegetables in the sauce--I don't eat pasta sauce, so I had no idea that you had to soften them up before adding to the red sauce. I've him served under cooked pheasant. He's really been a trooper all these years! So, when I told my dear husband that I had gotten some new spices for Mexican night, he was apprehensive. Understandably so. He was sure surprised by my gourmet dishes both nights!!

I would like to introduce to you, Gneiss (pronounced "nice") Spice! They specialize in all sorts of items to make cooking tastier and more efficient, including Custom Magnetic Spice Racks and Organic Spice Kits!
Here is my #GreenChristmas Mexican Spice kit!

I tried out a Mexican Spice kit, featuring seven of the tastes from south of the border! These jars are filled with fragrant, organic spices.  Beth, the owner of this fun and fragrant Etsy shop also included a bag of mulling spice to enjoy as cider or mulled wine! Such a sweet addition to a spicy package!

The Mexican set includes:

• ANNATTO seed powder
• CHIPOTLE powder
• CILANTRO flakes
• ground Mexican OREGANO
• CUMIN seeds
• TACO seasoning
*I actually received cinnamon instead of Oregano which was a fun surprise! I decided it was to make Churros!!* But, I believe the list above is more likely what you would receive.

Here, my new spices adorn the refrigerator--this is the shape that holds the best magnetism.

This handmade magnetic spice rack would make a unique, green gift and is reusable for future spices--or any other small storage items you might want to use the jars for.   The jars fit together magnetic spice rack on your fridge--you can put them in any pattern you'd like, though they bond most strongly when placed next to each other--like in the pictures. The magnets are really powerful, I wasn't worried at all about them sliding down the door of the fridge or not 'staying put.' Their caps are hand stamped with the spice names.  Your spices will stay fresh and out of the way! No more having an avalanche of plastic spice jars cascading down from your cupboard as you look for Cinnamon!
I got some nice (for me) spices in glass jars with plastic lids in a basket for my wedding a year or so ago. They weren't generic brands from the big box store, they were actually from a large spice company, Penzey's. I was delighted. BUT, after experiencing the magnetic spice rack from Gneiss Spice, I cannot go back to stacking containers in baskets and on shelves. I'm a spice snob now! Haha! I also realized when I dropped one of the Penzey's spices that though I like glass jars, I do not like the plastic lids--they crack on impact, making the spices lose their freshness quicker. So, this is my new favorite!

The jars are 1.5 oz. and I thought I'd get one use out of the Taco Seasoning--NOT so!! There is more than enough in there for several batches of tacos! They were much more flavorful than when I make tacos using a brand name packet of seasoning. There was an after taste that was delightful and I could not identify it. I have a terrible palate for guessing ingredients like you see folks do on those TV shows like Top Chef, and I'd say it was almost minty but I know that's not exactly it. It was a fresh, really delicious taste -- my husband couldn't identify either. But, he was really impressed by the tacos.

The next night I made chicken fajitas. I used some of the Chipotle powder and some Cilantro flakes to jazz up my mom's recipe and they were a big hit as well! It was the first time I had tried making fajitas in my life -- I know, I know -- crazy as that sounds! But, my father-in-law came over for supper and even my toddler loved it! Now everyone will be expecting all of these flavorful meals and if I make anything but Mexican they'll be disappointed! Another fun way I've used some of the seasonings is to make Mexi-burgers. I put a bit of the Taco seasoning in my burger meat as I make the patties and it gives the burgers a little extra zing to make a boring food more fun!
The jars are reusable, as I said, making them eco-friendly--the perfect green gift for anyone in you life--brides, college students, in-laws, or, if you're like me, you could buy YOURSELF a little spicy surprise!
One of the best parts about these fresh, hand-mixed and packed spices is that they are incredibly fragrant! My Olfactory goes nuts in the kitchen when I cook with these QUALITY spices! I never knew what I was missing out on! For someone that only likes cooking sometimes, I have learned that it can be pretty fun when you have Gneiss spices to work with!
Here is the savory goodness under the cap!

Beth has so many kits and options to choose from! You can keep getting more spices for your collection by adding different kits to your wish list each year or holiday! You can also have Beth put together a custom kit for you. The jars come shipped in a nice box that keeps everything quite snug and safe during the quick shipping journey. It is a box that is nice enough to give a gift--not just a brown cardboard number. They do offer eco-friendly gift wrap for the boxes too though! You can browse all of the kits and options by visiting the Gneiss Spice Etsy shop. There is also a refill option, so you can come back to the shop whenever you need more of your favorite spices! You can also find the Gneiss Spice shop on Facebook!

I'm so excited to have been able to share this shop with you guys! I am planning on adding more spices to my collection, and likely adding Gneiss Spice to my wishlist for my family members when they as "what do you want for ...." I hope if you're like me, and you don't know your way around the kitchen too well, that you will find some REAL spices somewhere, and if it is from Gneiss Spice, that's even better! I know now that using quality to begin with better ensures quality on your plates!

One of you very lucky readers will be winning one of the seven jar sets from her shop! To see the selection and tell me your fave, click here!


  1. I LOVE those jars and what a cute gift idea. I think my favorites are a toss up between the mexican and popcorn sets.

  2. Wow! Thanks for such an awesome post amanda. I didn't even realized I sent you cinnamon! That cinnamon is ceylon "sweet" cinnamon (less spicy than the traditional one we use most of the time)...and sooooooo good. ~Beth

  3. I wonder if what you're tasting in the taco seasoning is cilantro? I absolutely LOVE this idea! I think the Thai kit would be a wonderful gift for my hubby!

  4. I want to try the thai spice kit.

  5. Lovely review! I think I would most like to try the Mexican spice set. My husband & I cook a lot but shamefully we don't always bother to be very authentic with the seasoning.