#GreenChristmas Gifts Giveaway Hop Sponsor Spotlight Review - People Towels

Have you ever been in public restroom with only hand dryers? Have they perhaps been out of the paper towels for drying your hands? Have you not wanted to venture into a public restroom just to wipe the yogurt from lunch off of your little ones' face---fearing it may be worse than leaving the sticky hands and face?!?

The solution for these problems (and more) is PEOPLE TOWELS!! Other countries are lightyears ahead of the US in many conservation-minded practices that are implemented by folks each day and reusable hand towels are just one of many things that help to green up everyday existence. People Towels are the greener alternative to paper towels and they are made of 100% organic Fair Trade Cotton. Their trademark saying? B.Y.O.Towel™

Where are some cool specials going on at People Towels for the holidays? Look no further! Now through December 15th Free Shipping on orders of 2 or more PeopleTowels and one Free Eco-Sack with every $20.00 spent ($5.99 value), excluding sale items. Simply use Holiday12.

Using People Towels:

Saves trees
Reduces CO2 emission
Lessens landfill impact
Conserves water
Teaches your kids stewardship
Use eco-friendly dyes
Fair trade
 Here are the 3 that I was able to try recently
Though I do like using the People Towels myself, so that I do not have to wipe my hands on my pants when only dryers are available or when the clerks haven't replenished the paper towels, I use them more often in the car and restaurants (the sit down kind) for cleaning up after my toddler!
This is a wonderful way to clean up during commutes when my boy is having a snack and gets a little sticky or has crumbs all over himself. He likes the bright and fun colors and I like that I can throw them in the wash with my other towels and washcloths! The size is perfect, right around a foot square. The material is really lightweight---so it's not like carrying around a giant, cumbersome towel or anything, AND they are quite hardy in the wash, so I'm certain they will last for a long time. I'm POSITIVE they'll last longer than a paper towel!!!
DID YOU KNOW??? The average person uses 3,000 paper towels OUTSIDE the home each year?!
People Towels has a great selection of designs that are ready to ship -- but they also have a custom option so you can put your companies' logo or other design of your making on the towels!
High schools and other organizations can even make the world greener in their fundraising efforts! Your organization gets 50% of the cost of the People Towels ordered by donors. That's a pretty good amount to reach fundraising goals! I know a lot of businesses are looking to 'go green' these days -- your organization could be there to suggest this as a way!
I feel good about having at least one of these stowed in my purse whereever I go. I know that I'm making a greener world, one towel at a time and that makes me feel great. I also know that I will have to use the restroom resources a lot less, and, being a self-proclaimed germaphobe, that makes me happy too!
My mom is the one that I got the germaphobe genes from, so I think that I will be giving her one of my People Towels in her stocking! These are really great GREEN gifts that you can give to anyone!
ONE reader will win a 5 day supply of People Towels! Every reader can take advantage of the holiday specials going on at People Towels right now and make a difference today!


  1. I like the Bee sweet pattern best. These would be great for keeping in the diaper bag or in the car for quick clean ups while out with the kids.

  2. I like the "cut the crap" and "more rings". Good idea, reminds me of hankies.

  3. Honestly there isn't a print I don't like but "LOVE" is my favorite!