How do I get over this Mountain I've made from my mole hill?

I moved into this house in 2009 in October. It's old. The lighting sucks. The outlets are in weird, impractical places for actually using them and I needed to go buy about 2 dozen adapters for any 3-prong plugs (which is almost everything these days!) It is a wood-burning home, with the stove in the basement, so we all smell a little smoked and we have a layer of dust that collects overnight from the residual smoke.


3 years later, with an almost 2 year old, we have a house FULL of clutter. FULL. I mean not like hoarder-style -- we can see the floors where there isn't furniture and there is nothing disgusting like a years' forgotten pizza in the bedroom. Ick. No, it's just a pile of magazines here, a tote of random stuff there. BUT, all of this combined with the tonage that kiddos have is just overwhelming!

I sweep, do dishes, and keep up on laundry really well. I pick up the main living area. I was always able to spend at least one weekend deep cleaning when I was a single gal, living alone. With a husband to clean up after and a child that never lets you get anything done, I've decided that being a homemaker sucks.

Really. If I didn't care so deeply about my boy and his development, there is NO WAY I'd stay home. I'm so not a June Cleaver kind of mom. I hate baking for the most part. I cook to survive, not because I'm particularly good at it or like to do it. I don't put on makeup and a cute outfit OR HEELS to clean.

I am a bad housewife!

Can anyone relate?

I feel like every "full-time" job I've ever had was WAY easier than running a household.


  1. Haha! I love it. Before marriage and baby I would make one meal that would last me through the week... Now that I'm a full-time mom I cook/bake because it's the only "adult" thing I do during the day (singing Old McDonald and BINGO only go so far for me). Do you do any slow cooker cooking? Would highly recommend - throw it all in a pot, come back at dinnertime and you're ready to go!
    Found/following you via a little morning blog hopping (the little man is napping - YAY).
    Would love for you to stop by and follow back.
    Happy Monday!

  2. I suck at housekeeping. All of it. Period.