Make a Splash!

We are planning a super fun-filled weekend in the cement jungle of the Twin Cities. We plan to do a little waterpark action, some shopping, and lots of adventuring, as usual!

The adventures will be INDOOR this weekend. It's a long drive, so if we survive THAT portion of the trip, the rest will be a piece of cake. Generally, we get 1.5 hours of good travel during naptime. How the rest of the journey goes? That's up to our munchkin. He's at that magically age of unpredictability--all the more adventure, right?

We plan to take in Mall of America and especially SEA Life. We haven't decided what places to eat within the mall, but it will have to be family-friendly, so sorry hubby, no Hooters! We are thinking the Rainforest Cafe though. It may not have the best food available from all the culinary choices, but at least the din of the rainforest critters will drown out any loud toddler noises we make! And, it will give him plenty to look at!

I am pretty sure those two places will take up our entire weekend, but if there is time to spare, I'd love to check out the Como Zoo and the Children's Museum as well. So, if I'm MIA from social media, you know why! We will be havin' a blast, makin' a splash, monkeying around, and all other forms of fun-having you can think of! Have a great weekend!

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  1. MSP has THE BEST Children's Museum! We used to go there all the time when I was growing up. They have to best IMAX/Omni theatre, EVER!
    And how I miss the MoA. LegoLand always amazed me.
    Have a fun and safe trip!