My Fun Clothes ~ Merry #FluffyXmas Sponsor Review Spotlight

My Fun Clothes is just that - a fun place to get some cool soakers, longies, outfits, dresses, and so much more to dress your kiddos from head to toe in special, fun, custom clothing!

I love the authenticity of the clothing that sewing kiddo fashionista and mama to her own little models, Edna makes for her Etsy shop, My Fun Clothes. By making her own clothing for herself, her kids, and for YOU, she can dress everyone to accent their very own personalities! I think it would be so amazing to be talented enough to design clothing and then also be able to make it wearable! I've tried a few times and have made some fleece pajama pants and pillowcases, but even then I've had epic failure! One pattern for pj's said "fold down for the rest of the leg" -- I totally spaced that and made myself some wonderful capris -- completely accidentally!

Edna has made some great longies and a soaker for my boy to be cozy in this winter. He was so excited to wear the longies he didn't even try to escape from them! He's been a regular Houdini lately with clothing and diapers, but he went to bed happily wearing the longies! He's a picture of them "in action!"
Here's the Etsy listing photo, a much better view on a still target!

No matter how hard I tried, this photo didn't want to get vertical. Apologies, but isn't it adorable?!
The longies were a PERFECT fit. Absolutely perfect over a diaper. I measured my Bug and gave the numbers to Edna and she was able to create fun, holiday printed fleece longies that will keep him warm and dry! Everyone loves classic Rudolph -- well I do anyway! I had no idea that they made some of the fabrics that she has to offer! Check them out here. Bambi...Peanuts...the variety is killing me! I'd love to employ Edna as my family's personal seamstress to make all sorts of great garments!!
Now lets crawl the other way...

This is the fleece soaker that Edna sent me to let my boy try. We haven't yet, it just arrived. We will soon though! Cars has been quite the hit with this toddler!
And the rearview is just as cute as this front view of the soaker:

Since we do let our son watch a little TV now, Cars is one of the shows we can BOTH stomach, even enjoy. So I had to thow this item listing photo in too! It's so cute and you gotta love Cars!

Hat & Mitts!!!
Edna has so many items in her Etsy shop, I know you'll have a blast perusing the virtual racks of clothing if you are anything like me!
You can win a soaker of your choice form Edna's shop by entering the Merry Fluffy Christmas giveaway hop going on now!! Thanks to Edna for being a great sponsor! I hope everyone has a Merry Christmas, and a Fluffy New Year!!


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