Nana Pants by Betsy ~ Merry #FluffyXmas Sponsor Review Spotlight

So, another great midwestern diaper is on the agenda for discussion! Have you heard of Nana Pants by Betsy?

Betsy is the 'nana' behind Nana Pants and has a daughter and two daughters-in-law that cloth diaper full-time using Nana Pants -- that means these are tried and tested on the frontlines! We've had a really great experience working with Betsy and I love the selection Betsy has in her shop! She's another shopowner that is "Minnesota nice" -- if anyone hasn't experienced how nice folks are from the midwest and Minnesota specifically, just contact Betsy! Working with her will make you see that the adage is true!

Isn't that lab adorable? I couldn't resist since we're such a family of sportsmen!

The top insert picured is the Geffen Baby and is more of a contour design, the bottom is a Zorb II.

I think the quality of Betsy's diapers is awesome. The inserts are both really great (she has Zorb II quilted prefolds and Geffen Baby inserts) and I tried one of each. If coupled together the diaper gets us almost though the whole night, though as you all know if you've ever read a review before, we adore wool for our little Rip Van Winkle (he sleeps from 8pm to 9am frequently!) I love that there are options though--we happened to like the Zorb II's better, but they might be a bit too bulky for some that would prefer the Geffen Baby's.
You can see the legs are snug but not too snug--there is no irritation from this diaper on his legs or otherwise. Betsy said that she cloth diapered her kiddos 'old school!' So, I have to give her a ton of credit! We have done handwashing, flats, covers, and almost every other style cloth diapering in the household, in an attempt to learn and explore, and I can tell you that the flats and prefolds along with hand washer are my least favorite! The promise of grandchildren on the horizon was what prompted Betsy so start her adventure with modern cloth diapering!

This is the style pocket that I prefer when using pocket diapers, rather than the super huge ones some diapers have. I've found that these keep the inserts in place much better. My husband has no trouble fitting his hand in to stuff them--on the RARE occasion that they are not stuffed when I do the laundry! But, he's had no complaints with this diaper - I think if you're husband is apprehensive about cloth, just show him a blaze and camo diaper! Problem solved!

The outside material is PUL and the inside is suedecloth. The diapers in the Nana Pants shop are all available in both snaps and velcro tabs now. I am thrilled that these diapers have crossover snaps! It's so much more versatile when you are hoping to use the same diapers from the newborn stage to potty training.

You can find Nana Pants by Betsy on Facebook -- where you can 'like' her page and keep updated on all breaking cloth diapering news!

How It All Shakes Out
Daytime: 5
Night-time: 4.6
User-friendliness: 5
Affordability: 5
Quality: 5
When All Is Said And Done: 4.92

For those little divas in your life, Betsy makes super cute ruffle-bums too!
Vikings fans, anyone? Betsy can put your favorite sports team and colors on your little fans' fanny! (Although, since she's from MN, she may charge more to make a Packers diaper!!!!) Haha!

Have you seen the great holiday prints and patterns she has to offer? Her Etsy shop is just full of holiday fun like the Grinch and Rudolph!!  There are also Santas, Moustaches, ruffles, and clever sayings that can be embroidered onto the bum of diapers. Betsy is really great to work with -- and from her selection, it's pretty clear that she's got a knack for sewing. I'm sure she'd love to work with you on making the perfect fluff for your little ones' duff!

One lucky someone will be receiving a diaper from Nana Pants by Betsy! Make sure to take a look at her shop to see what you'd love to add to your stash--one winner will get their choice of a diaper cover from all the selections in her shop! You can also buy your own at any point by visiting her site or Etsy shop!

You can enter through the Rafflecopter form by clicking here, to my Merry Fluffy Christmas post! I'd like to thank Betsy for sponsoring the giveaway and for creating such adorable diapers! Ours is a new favorite in the stash for sure! Everyone have a happy and safe holiday season!

**Disclosure - I received a review diaper to facilitate this post. All opinions are my own and are 100% honest.**


  1. Adorable! I love both the embroidered diapers and the prints! So talented!

  2. Love the camo diaper, and the fact that there are crossover snaps! Perfect for my skinny mini!

  3. I love the Grinch diaper. I was going to comment on the cammo, but I want a Grinch diaper!

  4. I like the little cheerleader ruffle butt diaper. I'd need a Texas Tech one for my daughter, but she's almost potty trained. :/ I like that these can be sized down with the crossover snaps.
    Kristen Redman

  5. My favorite feature is the suedecloth inner, I prefer that since it doesn't pill and looks so much better than other materials.

  6. my favorite feature is crossover snaps. it really helps in having a full range of sizing options.

  7. Embroidered dipes are adorable! And the Xmas themed ones are even more so! I wonder how the zorb inserts stack up to microfiber and hemp.

  8. The embroidery is awesome, but I just love camo too!