We're going on a trip. It's about 200 miles one way, and I always have my husband change my cars' oil at 3,000 miles. I set my trip meter, so it's like clockwork. It happened to tick to 3,000 yesterday--perfect timing.

So, since there is 5 inches of snow on the ground, I'll need to put the car in the garage to let it thaw out so hubby can crawl under and drop the oil.

In order to pull the car into the garage, I need to move the 8 boxes of random stuff my parents brought during their last visit, effectively forcing me to vacate completely from their nest, with all of my belongings from the last 10 years.

I might as well go through the boxes and decide what I'm keeping and what the mice have claimed as their own, since I'm going to be out there anyway. I find some really great treasures. It's truly like Christmas. Three boxes of crazy stuff needs to come inside.

Since we've been busy with deer season and wreath-making, I've let the house get cluttered. I should really make a point to clean the kitchen table off before I introduce more junk into the house. But, now I can haul the boxes in from the garage and I guess I could just set them in the entryway.

So now, I can pull my car in, but I need to clean out the inside of my car in order to make our trip more relaxing. I now have another box to go into the house. I can get my oil changed though, since my car will be able to thaw out.

Now, I will need to find all of our swimsuits and some of our 'nicer' clothing for our little vacation outing...... Too bad I created so much clutter with the boxes from the garage and car, I'll have to clean that up first, so that I can have a space to lay out what we're packing and to place our suitcases.

THIS IS MY LIFE. Do you see, how it's just really quite comical how you set out to do one simple thing and 24 hours later, you're lucky if it is done?! With each task I usually have 20 other smaller, complimentary tasks to do! Oiy!

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  1. This sounds exactly like my mom every time she visits! There is always an extra piece of luggage that is packed with stuff she intends for me to keep, and then leaves me scrambling as to where I'm going to put it all!
    Was curious how your Kelty Pathfinder adventure went? We just took our little man on a lighthouse trip with the Kelty. That thing is awesome!
    Happy Wednesday!