SoftBums - Merry #FluffyXmas Sponsor Review Spotlight

The lovely folks from Softbums sent me an Omni diaper and new One Size SUPER Pod to review for another spotlight for Merry Fluffy Christmas!!! If you take a moment to read the "About Us" section of the SoftBums website, you will quickly see that the owners and creators of SoftBums are Minnesota natives (so it goes without saying that the company is "Minnesota Nice") and that they have a passion for getting it right. It's nice to know the people behind the name or brand. I really appreciate the effort and consideration that SoftBums puts into making a great diaper.

 I chose this diaper instead of the Echo because it is supposed to fit children (like big toddlers) up to 40 lbs. Here is a really cool comparison chart from the Softbums website for you to decide: Echo or Omni? It honestly was a super tough decision for me, but Omni is what fit our families' needs best. The great part? They are BOTH awesome diapers, so you really cannot go wrong!

They really make it easy for you to decide!

I LOVE the One-Size Dry Touch SUPER Pod! Love it!
Here are a few photos of it from Softbums website:

This is the pod, with the snap on small pod, for extra absorption.

This Pod is made up of 2 parts that can be used individually or snapped apart.  The larger, one-size pod can expand or shrink to Small, Medium, and Large sizes, as seen below.

The small snap-in pod is what makes this a great nap time or night time diaper. The material is REALLY soft and smooth, making it feel really cozy. Which in turn makes me feel good about using it on my little ones' bum. 

Here is the inside of our Omni Cowies diaper -- super soft fleece.
I love almost everything about this diaper. I don't care for the giant stuffing pocket as much as I like ones that are fitted with elastic, simply because the pods/inserts tend to stick out sometimes when the pocket is huge. It's nice for dads or folks with big hands, but I just prefer a smaller pocket opening. The pocket itself is a great size.

As you see here, it's a very generous opening. Some love 'em, I prefer an elastic opening.

And here is a feature that SoftBums is famous for, their The Slide²Size drawstring system.

See how small you can get those leg holes? Not an issue for us now, but it truly makes this a one-size diaper for newborns to toddlers! Another great part of the SoftBums diapers is the crossover snap. They do offer velcro/touch tape as well, but my little Houdini gets out of it, so we have to use snaps. I love crossover diapers. I'm always frustrated when I find some of my favorites don't have this feature. It's so useful when trying for the coveted "one-size" from newborn to potty training goal!

Here are some of the Dry Touch Pod features:
  • DryTouch fleece top wicks moisture away, keeping baby dry
  • Great for ages 0-36 months
  • Compatible with Echo or Omni shells
  • Good nighttime diaper
  • Good for heavy wetters, naps and travel
  • Stain-resistant
Here is my skinny-belly, chubby-thighed toddler in a brief moment of stillness.

Here is the Omni diaper and SUPER Pod on my toddler who is almost 2 and weighs about 27 lbs. It's a great fit!! As you can see, his chubby thighs poke through with no redness or problems, a snug fit that is always comfortable! (The angle is a little weird, they ARE chubby, but they look downright huge here! haha!)

During the daytime I did not even have to use the small pod -- the main pod is sufficiently absorbent.
During nighttime I did snap on the extra pod and it worked pretty well to keep my boy dry. We still have found that wool works best, since he is a super-sleeper (sometimes until 9am!) But, this option would be great for babysitters, grandparents, and dads during naptime or travel.
We haven't had an issue with leaks, smells, stains or skin irritation so this diaper has been pretty great for us thus far!
Softbums offers many colors and options for all of your diapering needs!

How It All Shakes Out
Daytime: 5
Night-time: 5
User-friendliness: 5
Affordability: 4.5
Quality: 5
When All Is Said And Done: 4.9
You can purchase Softbums products through their website or many retailers sell them as well, so ask your local friendly dealer or you can use this handy list from the Softbums site. The price is great for the quality of diaper that you will receive. The customer service at SoftBums is great too!
You can enter to win an Omni pocket diaper and one size SUPER Pod of your own through my
Merry Fluffy Christmas Giveaway Event. Please note, the SoftBums Package is only available to the US contestants, as is their policy at this time.

**Disclosure - I received a diaper and pod to facilitate this review. All opinions are my own and are 100% honest. I was not compensated in any other way.**


  1. I tried Softbums early one when I started cloth diapering and the toggle design seemed confusing, but that was probably user error. I really want to give them another try.

  2. I like that the dry touch fleece top wicks moisture away! I really like their adustable slide sizing system too!

    -Hannah Avery

  3. I didn't know they had pockets, I had always seen the snap in feature.

  4. I learned that the Omni fits to 40 lbs. My babies don't hit 40 lbs. til 4 years or so, though :)

  5. I've wanted to try these for a while. I like how easy it looks to size these diapers down.

  6. I'm new to all of this, expecting in March. Softbums has been recommended by friends.

  7. Love that the small pod can be snapped in!

  8. I never thought about using my small pod for nap time!

  9. I really want to try a Softbums. I keep hearing that they stay soft after washing, so that's a plus. I also like that the leg holes get tiny. I have tiny newborns, so it would be nice to have a diaper that I can use on this baby due in April.
    Kristen Redman

  10. Love that toggle elastic! I'd love to try their new pods.

  11. i never knew there was a sizing difference between the two. i would definitely like to try the omni since we're into toddlerhood now.

  12. Knowing that the Omni is a touch bigger is nice especially at night when you have to stuff more in there.

  13. I never knew the difference between the Omni and Echo before. The chart was really helpful in clarifying for me.

  14. I don't quite get the difference between the two softbums diapers. I have one and I am not sure which one it even is from the description.

  15. I love the Born Free print. Always hear good things about these diapers.

  16. This is a really neat system, I think it would be good if someone wanted to do all one type of diaper. I think the sizing is genius!

  17. This is good to know, I couldn't figure out the difference between the Omni & Echo and now it makes sense! Love the toggle sizing for the legs.

  18. I would love to try the adjustable sizing system, I've not seen anything like that!

  19. I love how tiny Softbums diapers get with their leg toggle system! The inserts are so soft, too!

  20. I had never heard of these diapers before. Are the leg adjustments similar to the way fuzziness are sized but they just have another size adjustment as well?

  21. we have been using softbums for almost 2 years! yay!

  22. they look like they have a slimmer fit than a lot of other ones. i notice when babies get bigger the cloth diaper sags down quite a bit. thats something that ill worry about when my little 3 month old starts waling around.

  23. I love their prints and the great soakers. Id like to add a softbums to our stash

  24. That looks like a great fit! I've always wanted to try a SoftBums!

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  26. I like that it goes up to 40 lbs! You can use it for such a long time!

  27. I have a cloth diapering mama-friend whose favorite diapers are SoftBums, we definitely plan to make them part of our stash!