Someday I'm going to.

SOMEDAY, I'm going to...

1) Organize my photos better.

2) Continue the baby book past the first year

3) Take a studio yoga class.

4) Complete my quilt, started in 2009.

5) Travel with 'the girls.'

6) Leave my son overnight.

7) Sleep with my husband for a full night, without a child in it.

8) Go back to Alaska.

9) Organize my home AND keep it that way.

10) Tie flies

11) Go to all 50 states. 33 down.

12) Be happy and comfortable in my own skin!

13) Go to bed before 10 pm.

14) Wake up at 5am and not go back to sleep by 530am (and sleep until 9.)

15) Live intentionally. With purpose. (Less TV, internet, & all that jazz -- more LIVING!)

Alrighty! That felt good. I needed to get it down in list form.

I have a laundry list of grand plans, but I rarely see things to fruition if it's something I might enjoy -- like hobbies! Haha. Babies first. Family first. Me -----> always second! That is changing. NOW.

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  1. have just reminded my the I have yet to begin my first child's scrapbook! You are definitely right though, if I try to accomplish all on my bucket list...I will be missing out on the good times with my children and family :-)