Squooshi ~ #GreenChristmas Gifts Sponsor Review Spotlight

I'm a stay at home mama, but I RARELY stay at home! We are always on the go. Always. Which means snacks have to be convenient. It also makes me feel like I am single-handedly polluting the earth, because convenience items are often packaged in not-so eco-friendly options. And convenience items are generally disposable. Enter Squooshi! Thank goodness. I was about ready to buy stock in some of the store brands we seemed to be frequently purchasing! Did you know that about 3 packages of disposable pouches (4-6 to a pack) would equal what you'd spend on a package of Squooshi pouches that can last over and over and over........ Food for thought.

 Here's the Squooshi goodness that came in the mail!
And inside...

And here are my sons' animal friends, lined up!

This is the assortment pack -- there are 2 pouches (Walrus & Panda) that are 4.5 oz. and 2 that are 2.5 oz. (Lion & the jury is still out Bluebird or Blue Penguin??). My toddler is almost 2, so we use the bigger ones most of the time. I think the little ones would be great for littler kiddos and for things that are "treats" that you want them to have less of. We do applesauce almost exclusively. I will occasionally put baby food (from a jar) that is leftover from almost a year ago and still not expired, so that it will get eaten up. He loves the variety. I used to make baby food but now I don't, since he eats almost everything that I do!

The rear view & coordinating screw-top lids.

According to their website: "Squooshi reusable food pouches are BPA-free, PVC-free, Lead-free, and Phthalate-free, independently tested, and made with food-grade nylon and and PEUP (polyethylene ultra pure) plastic to provide convenience and durability without unnecessary chemicals."

That seems pretty green to me! I can respect a company that gets as green as it can and still strives for more ways to green up!
The resealable pouch on Mr. Lion.

Here are some great features of the Squooshi pouches:
No choke cap
Dishwasher safe
BPA Free
Phthalate Free
PVC Free
Lead Free
Not recommended for microwave use.
Not recommended for liquids.

Looks like we have some squishy food here! What to do!?!?
I really like that these are contoured for little hands, though my big paws occasionally fill one for a trip to the gym with my fave smoothie inside!

Squooshi fully loaded with applesauce.
I also like that the zip lock on the end has serious staying power! It hasn't leaked yet!
A Squooshi spa day for Panda!
And, they're SO easy to clean. Really! I'm so happy to have stumbled upon this great company in my search to be green! Did you know that they are dishwasher safe!? If you aren't one of the five people left in the country other than myself that do not have a dishwasher, you'll appreciate that fact!

Panda Squooshi, just hangin' our, dryin' with the dishes!

Have more than one mouth to feed? They have packages of various sizes and quantities! I was thinking not only is this a great GREEN gift (maybe for a baby shower!!) it is also a great party favor for kids birthdays or a Halloween handout that won't rot teeth! There are so many amazing situations where giving a Squooshi would be really cool! I've heard a few other moms say they wish they could find a more economical and environmentally friendly option out there, instead of buying the pre-filled factory disposables from many popular brands in big box stores. One doesn't have to go into great detail, but suffice it to say that with these, at least you KNOW what your child is consuming!

Here is the 8 pack of larger-sized Squooshi pouches.
The only thought I have for improvement on Squooshi's is to expand the line to more kid-friendly characters - like firemen and airplanes - who knows! And, of course it would be cool to develop an adult line, so we could just have our own, instead of getting busted with Mr. Panda!! Our family loves Squooshi -- I hope you will too! Go ahead and like 'em on Facebook!! You know you want to! Oh, and one reader will be getting a pack of their very own!

*I received a complimentary review item for this post. All opinions are my own and are 100% honest.*


  1. I would fill these with the applesauce my mom lovingly worked over this fall when the orchards were in.

  2. These are interesting. The characters are cute. I've never bought any of the squishy food pouches so I'm not sure my kids would know what to do with these, lol!

  3. These are wonderful! I've done a lot of research on Squooshi, and this is the most well written review I've found. thank you for the in depth photo review! :)