Teeny Textiles Merry #FluffyXmas Review & Spotlight

Teeny Textiles is an Etsy shop that offers great diapers - the selection is anything BUT teeny! It just so happens that Teeny Textiles is also a super sponsor for the Merry Fluffy Christmas giveaway hop!

Amber is the owner of this fun fluff shop and she's just a dear to work with! She is a fellow stay-at-home mama that used to actually be an architectural drafter. I wonder if this skill helps her to perfect her diaper patterns? She works at home making these great diapers and is able to stay home with her boy - it's a win-win! We get great diapers and she gets time with her little love! You can find Teeny Textiles on Facebook, so go give 'em some love!
You can order some terrific teeny cloth diaper ornaments like the one above and below! Amber sent it to me since I loved the sea life print and the snowman print (and the peanuts and about a dozen others!) You can get yours for just $7.50 each! What a steal! Can you imagine the nimble fingers it takes to put snaps and a ribbon hanger on a small ornament? I certainly could not make them with my fumbly fingers! What a fun addition to your Christmas tree!

Here is a photo from her shop that shows all the little fluff minis!
She also makes kiddo scarves! And, her holiday cloth diapers are on sale now! Like this very festive number:

 Here is the organic bamboo one-size fitted snowman diaper that I selected to try.
This is actually the back view, but it shows the cute snowmen better! You can see the two black snaps--that's where the insert attaches to the diaper frame on the inside.

Here is the front view, showing the crossover snaps and adjustable rise.
As my seasoned readers know, I love fitteds with wool for night use and I love crossover snaps for a better fit -- big points for me that this diaper satisfies BOTH conditions!! When both soakers are snapped into the diaper, you get 11 layers of absorption and wetness protection!

This is another look at the detail of the great snowman print!
Here is a shot of the inside of the diaper, from the Teeny Textiles shop (I took several, but none seemed as nice as her very own photo!) As you can see, the double insert snaps right to the back of the diaper.

 How It All Shakes Out
Daytime: 5
Night-time: 4.9
User-friendliness: 5
Affordability: 4.5
Quality: 5
When All Is Said And Done: 4.88

Okay, so the reason that night-time gets a 4.9 is that you need to pair it with a wool or fleece cover to make a barrier layer on top of the fitted.  Affordability is 4.5 because fitted diapers tend to be a little more expensive than pockets and have an additional expense of a top cover or longie of some kind. This is a great diaper for all-around use. During daytime it is a super diaper. Like superhero powers for absorbing pee and keeping my boy dry. At night, it's also pretty awesome. The quality couldn't be better---the material is super soft and the sewing has held tight through several washings. I think everyone that likes to use fitted diapers should include a Teeny Textiles in their stash!

One lucky reader will be receiving a diaper from Teeny Textiles! Make sure to take a look at her shop to see what you'd love to add to your stash! You can also buy your own Teeny Textiles diaper at any time of the year by visiting her Etsy shop!

You can enter through the Rafflecopter form here, at my Merry Fluffy Christmas post! I'd like to thank Amber for sponsoring the giveaway and for creating such efficient, adorable diapers! Everyone have a happy and safe holiday season!

**Disclosure - I received a review diaper to facilitate this post. All opinions are my own and are 100% honest.**


  1. Great prints! I love the industrial orange!

  2. I love the fun prints. I need these. This is my favorite: Organic Bamboo One Size Fitted Cloth Diaper - Black Sheep
    Kristen Redman

  3. The black sheep are super cute!

  4. i love Organic Bamboo One Size Fitted Cloth Diaper - Fields of Brown

  5. I love that Gotta a mint diaper you posted. I'd pick that one or Dandelion if I were lucky enough to win.

  6. These look like B4's (the only fitted I own), and I love them! Her fabric choices on her etsy shop are really cute, I'd probably get the colorful stars diaper.