The weather outside is frightful, but with my new carrier, we'll make it delightful!!

We just got our new Kelty Pathfinder 3.0 from FedEx today. It's naptime right now, so of course I'm battling my little monster, trying to get him to sleep. BUT, when he wakes up, it's ON!!

We have miles of trails behind our home, so since there is only 5" of snow so far, and it's all fluffy powder, we will be takin' a hike!

I'm so stoked to have a new kids carrier, I cannot wait to test the limits of this one!!! We got blue. It's a really pretty bright blue!

-- Ever since working in the dense rainforests of Alaska, I have opted for colors that stick out against the natural backdrop. They had black, green, red and blue. Red would be the best option, but I sort of despise red, so I chose blue. Unless I'm facedown in a lake, blue should stick out...and if I AM facedown in a lake, I don't think at that point color would matter! --

So, have a lovely afternoon! We will be walking in a winter wonderland!

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  1. We have a Kelty Pathfinder and we ADORE it! It goes with us almost everywhere, and we use it ALL.THE.TIME. Best purchase - EVER!