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Funky Fluff Diaper Giveaway!

Funky Fluff Freshly Pressed

2013 Colours & Website Re-Launch

Welcome to the Funky Fluff Freshly Pressed Event, hosted by Funky Fluff, Zephyr Hill Blog, and Thinking About Cloth Diapers.

Are you still looking for the "perfect" diaper? One loaded with features, and available for a reasonable price? It does exist! If you haven't tried the Funky Fluff Fusion diaper yet, it may be the last brand you need to buy!

About Funky Fluff

Funky Fluff was started by 2 Canadian moms who were on the quest for the perfect diaper – and when they didn’t find it, they decided to design it.

Take a close look at the Funky Fluff Fusion 3 in 1 diaper. This innovative diaper brings a new level of flexibility and versatility to the world of cloth diapering: with the interchangeable AI3 system, you can use these diapers as an AIO system, an AI2, and a pocket system. No matter how you choose to use them, Funky Fluff diapers are convenient and reliable!

Funky Fluff offers both natural bamboo blend and stay-dry diapers, plus diaper pail liners, wet bags, and more!

To learn more about the Funky Fluff Fusion 3-in-one diapers, visit, or read the Thinking About Cloth Diapers review of the Funky Fluff Fusion here.

Website Relaunch

If you've visited the Funky Fluff website recently, you will have read the following announcement: "THE BAD NEWS is that our site will be unavailable for about a week or so for required maintenance and re-stocking. THE GOOD NEWS is that we will be back and FULLY STOCKED with exciting new additions very soon! We also can’t wait to show you our new site enhancements. In the meantime, please visit any of our retailers, stop by our Facebook page or contact us anytime."

Well it's back! And it's even better than before!

So, what's changed?

Funky Fluff has a brand new website, and it is also now fully stocked, with fan favorites, and some brand new products too!

We know you're probably dying from suspense! So, let's fill you in on the new products Funky Fluff is launching!

  • Funky Fluff Starter Kit - includes 1 stay-dry diaper, 1 bamboo diaper, a double pocket wetbag, a bamboo booster, 1 bamboo soaker, and 1 stay dry soaker - plus a savings of 15% compared to purchasing the products individually.
  • New Colors and - YAY - Funky New Prints!

With 2 new prints and 4 new colors, Funky Fluff is adding even more options to their already great line-up of colors!

New Colors from left to right: Funky Birds, Green with Yellow (Limited Edition), Fuchsia with Orange (Limited Edition), Funky Bubbles, Orange with Blue, and Teal with Lime

If you haven't tried Funky Fluff diapers yet, you can enter here to win the grand prize of $250 worth of Funky Fluff diapers - 6 Stay Dry and 6 Bamboo Funky Fluff Fusions, plus 12 extra boosters! A second prize will consist of a starter pack in the winner's choice of prints/colors! Plus, visit the following retailers for more chances to win a Funky Fluff diaper of your own!

Open to Residents of Canada/US, 18+

This giveaway ends at 11:59 PM EST, Feb 3, 2013

a Rafflecopter giveaway

This giveaway is sponsored by Funky Fluff. Bloggers are not responsible for prize fulfillment.

Good luck!

Pampered Preggies Sponsor Spotlight and Review - eSCENTials Aroma - a great source of info!

I think every pregnant woman out there suffers from sore feet and headaches. Those of you that are lucky escape the stretch marks - unlike myself - I happen to look like I was attacked by a Bengal tiger. But, to help you do some pampering, more naturally and safely, you can look up eSCENTials Aroma for some great remedies for all that ails you during your time baking that little bun!

Sarah is the gal behind the great, aromatic shop and is super knowledgable about all things aromatherapy! She has studied aromatherapy and knows the safe essential oils and the correct dilution rates for pregnancy and babies. I didn't actually know there was such a thing - I never considered dilution a factor, so I was happy to learn a lot from this smart shopowner! Anything you see in purple is all of Sarah's knowledge and her helpful information that she gave me to share with all of you, regarding aromatherapy and pregancy! Enjoy!
What is aromatherapy?
Aromatherapy is the use of pure essential oils to achieve therapeutic benefits such as improving both physical and psychological well-being. Essential oils are the aromatic liquids derived from flowers, trees, herbs etc. It is the essence of a plant, and the most natural therapy in the world.
She sent me "Oh My Achin' Feet" lotion and I've been loving it! It smells great, is not oily, and is a super excuse to get foot rubs from my husband! The bottles are glass (which I love as a recycling nut) and they are adorned with cute ribbons and ducky charms! The extra effort to 'jazz up' her bottles makes them a very cute shower gift for a friend who might be expecting!

The Lullaby Baby Lotion is great for after bath, right before bed. Our guy sits really well and always has for lotioning, knowing that it's part of the 'bedtime routine.' I think he really likes when his lotion smells good. Personally, the pink bottle of traditional Johnson & Johnson is too smelly for me and I do think there might be some icky additives in there as well. So, we like to use more natural options.
How does it work?
People have been practicing aromatherapy for thousands of years, and it is considered the earliest form of medicine. Traditionally, it has been used mostly for inhalation. This style works well because the molecules from the oil enter the lungs and then travel into the bloodstream quickly. But more recently, it has been used in conjunction with skin therapy. By putting the oil on topically, you not only get the molecules through your lungs, but also through your skin, making it twice as effective. The practice of all natural skin care in conjunction with aromatherapy results in better skin, better spirits, and better health!
You can see from the picture above, the bottles are super adorable! They are definitely gifting-ready when they get delivered to your home. Sarah was super thorough and went way over and above my expectations in her explanations about her products. She is obviously a guru of aromatherapy and is now my go-to person for questions of that nature! I just had a friend wondering about lavender and it's supposed negative effects on boys that she had heard about on Facebook. I immediately gave her Sarah's contact info! See the notecard behind the lotions? She handwrote lots of great info for me! Super sweet and really appreciated!
Here is a photo of the Vanilla Mint lip balm she sent, with 2 different oils on either end - a headache remedy and stretch mark oil. I love the lip balm - usually I prefer citrus to vanilla, but the mint makes it really quite nice. I also REALLY like that it is a sliding tin, NOT a pull or screw top, like Burts Bees. A lot of the time the balm leaks out in the other style and makes it super slippery to get the lid off--this way, you could have cooking oil all over your fingers and still be able to get the balm out to use! It's also a perfect size to stick in your purse or pocket.
How does it relate to pregnancy and babies?
The most fragile time in life is, of course, infancy, but also while mommy is carrying the precious baby. There are many things that cannot and should not be used on delicate skin. Additionally, this is when you should be as natural as possible. You do not want to be introducing harsh chemicals, dangerous ingredients, or synthetic fragrances to yours or your baby’s body. Most over the counter bath and body products have parabens, sulfates, and phthalates. These are additives and preservatives that are known to cause cancer, hormone disruption, and birth defects. The best way to avoid these chemicals, is to use all natural aromatherapy based products.
If you are like me, you read before and didn't realize EVERYTHING you used on your body had these harmful substances in it. When I was pregnant with my son, I looked through my bathroom and found that I would be going on a shopping trip, to replace ALL of my products! It was a tough feat (in your typical big box store anyway), but I did find that Dove brand shampoo and conditioner have a pthalate and paraben free product that actually still conditions my three plus feet of hair! I also had to replace my deodorant (Tom's is awesome) and went eau naturale in the perfume department. So, knowing about essential oils now is helpful to me, so I can still smell good but not endanger my body or baby!
I am plagued with headaches while pregnant (and when I'm not!) But, crumby difference is that while prego, I'm a chemical/medical tyrant -- not letting any undue substances into my body if I can help it. Which means, I suffer but not always in silence, much to my families' displeasure! Having a more body/baby friendly option to turn to for headaches is a real load off. I still prefer to just nap or lay low, but that's not always an option for mamas with a pounding noggin, so having this in your pregnancy pains arsenal is a must!
The stretch mark oil is too late for me, for any prevention, since I'm already a warrior, bearing the marks of my labor love! But, it does keep my skin (especially in the winter on my knuckles and elbows) nice and supple and soft. I like to put it on after my shower, before bedtime so that it can really seep in and keep my skin more moist! We burn wood and live in an arrid, cold cliimate, so we're always walking around like we're dry and depleted!

How can eSCENTials Aroma help?
eSCENTials Perfume & Aromatherapy products are all-natural products infused with 100% pure therapeutic grade essential oils. The blends are specifically formulated to be safe for mommy and baby, so you can literally “feel good” about the products you are using.
You can find all of Sarah's products in her Etsy shop and you can also keep tabs on the new goings-on via Facebook!  Enter to WIN a great aromatherapy product of your own by clicking here for the entry form post!

Pampered Preggies Kick-off!

Going Green with the Grizls

Welcome to Pampered Preggie Giveaway Hop hosted by Going Green with the Grizls, My Sippy Runneth Over and SewFatty.

An awesome group of bloggers have come to offer you lots of chances to win prizes fit for an expecting mama! We hope you find some amazing new blogs along the way and even run across some new brands to add to your wish list or registries. Also be sure to visit each blog from the linky below the entry form for your chance to win some amazing prizes!

Our hosts have put together 3 grand prizes, each totaling over $400! and you'll see brands you know and love including: Amalou Skin Care, Bundles and Buzz, Balm Baby, Oylent Vitalah, Cake Lingerie, Pink Blush Maternity, Undercover Mama, Family Bedrock, Be Here Soon Maternity Bag, Novena Maternal Skincare, Proud body, Three Lollies, Sacred Pregnancy, Earth Mama Angel Baby, Prenatal Vinyasa Yoga, Premama Vitamins, Boppy, Intelligender, Unique Pregnancy Gifts, Koodle Kids, and Newborn Necessities!

Click here to enter the grand prize!

My Prize Package {Adventures of Mommyhood} includes:
$50 Gift Code to Ring My Neck Etsy Shop
Mod Mum Hospital Gown (RV $60)
eSCENTials Aroma Mommy and Baby product of YOUR choice
Periwinkle Nuthatch Custom Handmade Necklace (RV $30)

That's almost $175 in awesome prizes for you to pamper yourself while pregnant! Or, a great gift to win for that expectant mama in your life! This stuff is all totally safe and chic for the mama-to-be that still wants to feel pretty!

This is where you enter to win the prize package from Adventures of Mommyhood and my sponsors! Good Luck!

Please note, all entries are verified, so be honest! Open to the US only. 18 & older only please!

Enter below on the Rafflecopter form for a chance to win.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

**Adventures of Mommyhood, the host blogs as well as other participating blogs are not responsible for prize shipment. Several may or may not have received review items, see individual post disclosures for more information. MY giveaway is only open to the US and you must be 18 to enter. See Rules/Regs on the Rafflecopter form for more.**

My Cloth Diaper Wash Routine

Cloth Diaper Blog Hop 2013

Alright, many folks vary this part of diapering. Many dread it, too. Here's what we do in our house:

Notable - We have a gnarly diaper pail. (It's a re-used, upcycled Tidy Cats yellow bucket with lid, lined with a Thirsties hanging diaper pail bag.)

Step One: So, we put the soiled diapers in there. When they are 'pee' diapers, I just rinse the inserts (saturate, wring, saturate, wring - until clear of pee) then put the shell + insert in the bucket -- we also rinse our fitteds/AI2s thoroughly. I sometimes rinse shells too, depending on time I have to tend to it at the moment. For 'poo' diapers, I have a diaper sprayer (BumGenius) attached to the toilet and get rid of as much solids as I can.
  • Circumstantial step 1.2 - If we have a substantial mess in the toilet/everything around it, from  a stubborn poo problem, I end up cleaning the toilet quickly too.

Step Two: We wash our diapers every other day if possible, but never let more than THREE days go in between washing, since you'll likely regret it at the toddler stage in particular, when poo can set in during that time frame. This will reduce your resale and your overall happiness when you look at your stash, so it's worth it to just buck up and do it more often.

Step Three: Cold rinse, just water. Sometimes I will do a short cold soak too, to loosen poo left on the dipes.

Step Four: Wash. I do a WARM wash with about 1/2 scoop of A Happy Green Life laundry wash.  Because I am usually forgetful, I end up repeating this step. (I inevitably leave it sit over night or just want to give it a good washing because of the amount of poo diapers, etc.)

Step Five: RINSE! I usually do a double or triple rinse. It's the most important step in my mind, since the diaper will be sitting next to my boy's skin in this condition, so I don't want detergent or pee left in the fibers.

Step Six: Separate! I only dry inserts and fitteds. My PUL shells go on an indoor drying rack during winter and inclement weather and when it's nicer outside, they go on the line to sun.

Step Seven: Put together diapers and fold as necessary. Put away stash for use!

**For Wool: I use CJ's Wool Rejuvenator and Wool Wash. I only do this about once each month. I hand wash in the sink and ALWAYS hang to dry.

**For Stripping: I use RLR Laundry Treatment. I use it on cloth diapers and really stinky items like my husbands soiled work clothes. DO NOT use it on PUL - it may deteriorate its' properties.

Who knew?

We have about 60 laying hens in our chicken coop. Each year from about January 1st - mid-February, our youngest chickens come into their prime-laying age and ability (I'm thinking that's the cause anyway!) and we get dozens of eggs each day.

It's a balmy 9 degrees above zero today, so the outside time is very minimal. We spend just as much time GETTING READY to go outside as we are able to actually spend out there!

In case any of you are wondering -- a good rule of thumb is anything below about 20 degrees ABOVE zero, time needs to be limited to short spurts of about 15-20 minutes, depending on your child, the wind, cover, and common sense! Most preschools don't let children outside when it is less than 20 above.

So, back to the chickens - this is a great way to "be outside" for young kids! If you have a chicken coop, it's always warmer than outside temps. We keep lights in ours running day and night as well as fresh hay for insulating. Now, I don't suggest hanging out in the dusty coop all day, or even for extended periods because of dust and feces, but it's a nice little warm up to extend your short play time! It's also a way to instill "fun" with chores into the kiddos at a young age!

My son loves going to see the "buck bucks!" Or the "chicky!" Since we have an abundance of eggs, we've been collecting twice each day. That means we get to get out and have a little Vitamin D and some chicken fun in spite of the cold weather.

Who knew that chickens could be so fun, even in the middle of winter! Just watching them cluck and buck and be chickens is a daily highlight for the kiddo!

Switch to Cloth is OPEN for Sign-ups!

Bloggers Sign-Up: Free Event

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Hosted by SAHM of Drama Queens & a Prince, My Cloth Diaper Stash, A Year With Mom and Dad, Mommy of One and Counting and Adventures of Mommyhood. The prize is an amazing cloth diaper prize package featuring over $250 in cloth diapers and supplies.

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Women’s Under Armour Fleece Storm Full Zip Hoody Review

Under Armour for me is a staple. It's one of those brands that has a huge selection and can be versatile enough to suit everyone in the family. Other companies have tried to produce 'knock offs' but they are never as good as the original. Alanna B. was our lucky winner of the XL Women's Armour Fleece Divide Hoody that was given away last month. Now, I'm going to tell you guys about the Full Zip Storm!!

"I am in love and I don't care who knows it!" (Buddy from the movie Elf, speaking my sentiments exactly regarding this hoody!)

I was REALLY excited when I was contacted by Under Armour to facilitate a review for all of you awesome readers! I love this hoody. I'm a hoody junkie, but a really really great hoody is like the ultimate jackpot. I chose the women's Fleece Storm Full Zip Hoody. It rocks.

You can check out the product page, straight from Under Armour by clicking here. That way you can see how the shirt looks on a model -- and all of the features! Then you are also right there, prepped to order your own!

I got an XL in this hoody (which I consider a medium-weight jacket) and it's definitely snug. Now, let me be the first to say that I am chubby and a tad out of shape right now (I like to think of it as hibernation weight -- like a Doomsday Prepper, or a bear!) but the reality is, I've packed on some weight. Long story short, I CAN zip this shirt, but it makes it unflattering and more uncomfortable than if I leave it open. So, I've been layering my warmies underneath (again, a little snug) and then using it like a jacket for outdoor activity like hiking and shoveling snow. I've been eating a few too many cookies and haven't been to Zumba in a month. So, it is not anything to do with Under Armour as a brand that is at fault, though I would recommend if you do not like a tight fit, order a size bigger. I normally wear a size Large, so I do think this particular top just runs a tad small. It's also worthy of noting that it is "Semi-Fitted" so it won't give you the slouchy appearance of borrowing your boyfriend or husbands gear, but it is also not compression gear. It's perfect!

I think after I get my butt back in gear and drop the extra 8 or so cookie pounds that I've gained since October it will fit perfectly and will be my favorite top for running, shopping, or just lounging around! I love that the hoody is warm but not to the point of making me overheat. I like the color because I end up getting dirty - so white is never an option! It's also flattering on almost everyone! The top is well made and I don't feel like if I make a sudden movement I'll rip out an armpit or something!

That's the great part about Under Armour--it's more than just great workout gear! They offer everything now from shoes to hunting apparel to socks and gloves! I have more hunting gear than any one woman should own, but I could always use a little more if it's got the UA emblem on it! My whole family loves Under Armour and we're all pretty much guaranteed to see it pop up on wish lists during the holidays -- it makes a perfect gift that you won't have to worry about returning!

I told you all before about the pair of Under Armour gloves that I wear ALL the time! I've had them since 2008, when I was on a fire detail in Oregon and it ended up snowing and I hadn't prepared! I ran into the town nearby as soon as I got off shift and purchased what have become my favorite gloves for all-around use! Well, these gloves have been used and abused for years and are still fully functional and have no tears or rips or any wear at all really!
This shirt retails for $59.99 and you can BUY one at any time from the Under Armour website subcategory: Womens Hoodies and Sweatshirts!
Features of this shirt include:

  • Armour® Fleece fabric finished with UA Storm technology to repel water

  • Soft, brushed inner layer traps heat for all-day warmth and comfort

  • Signature Moisture Transport System wicks sweat so it dries faster than ordinary cotton

  • Lightweight stretch construction improves mobility for full range of motion

  • Two-piece hood with drawcords for superior comfort and fit

  • Princess seams create a slimmer, more streamlined silhouette

  • Exaggerated ribbed cuffs and hem

  • Side hand pockets

  • 244g Polyester

  • Don't forget at Under Armour -- shipping is ALWAYS free, no minimums!

    **I was compensated with a review item and a sponsored giveaway item to facilitate this post. All opinions are my own.**

    Fireweed Jelly - A Taste of Alaska

    So, I found this post that I never did publish from the summer. It has me lusting for balmy breezes and even dreaming of Alaskan landscapes again... So, on this wintery day, enjoy!

    Well, I finally did it. I attempted a batch of Fireweed Jelly. I had a terrible allergy or hormonal migraine--either way, I could have tossed my cookies at any moment. The feeling was worse than any morning sickness I've ever experienced. The potent smell of seeping the blossoms was just about enough to put me over the edge, as was a day full of toddler screams (no awareness of inside/outside voice yet!) My wonderful husband did the picking of the blossoms on his lunch break! So sweet! It was about 90 today (hot for here) and the deer flies are insane. I adore that man.

    Here is the stuff you are after:

    Anyway, back to the jelly. Fireweed is a purplish blossomed plant that grows in Minnesota and Alaska and a few other areas in places that have been disturbed--excavation, fire, old homesteads, clearcuts, etc. Where I am, it blooms mid-July.

    You can also make a Fireweed honey, but I haven't tried that yet! Our honey was slow this year coming along after inches upon inches of rain, so the bees weren't getting anything from the Basswood....I digress again, back to the jelly...

    Okay, so what you want to do is pick about 8 Cups of blossoms---flower parts only, no stems.

    Wash blossoms, put in large kettle.

    Add 4 1/2 Cups water.

    Add 1/4 Cup Lemon Juice

    Boil for 10 minutes.


    Use strained juice, heat to lukewarm.

    Add 2 Packages of Sure Jell

    Bring to boil.

    Add 5 Cups sugar, bring to full rolling boil (one minute).

    Pour into hot, water-bathed jars.

    Water bathe lids as well.

    Enjoy the PING! TICK! PING! of your jars sealing. Label. Store. Indulge!


      Ella Bella Bum Cloth Diaper Review

      You know how fun it is that this WAHM has FLUFF MAIL stickers?!?!? Everyone loves getting fluffy mail, but to have it right there on the outside, making all the anticipation of opening your mail even greater!! I love it!

      I've been watching the Facebook feed of Ella Bella Bum for quite some time and Sam and I were able to coordinate to bring you guys a really fun fluffy review.

      You can see these awesome autumn honkers are embroidered onto the bum of the diaper. I love the colors--the autumnal tones really pop off of the baby blue background and the orange snaps bring it all together. Inside, the diaper is a maroon/burgundy, further making the diaper complimentary, inside and out.

      Here you can see the snaps on the closure and rise. I love that the orange compliments the leaves on the back. The only thing I always say time after time when reviewing diapers is how much I love crossover snaps! Otherwise, the fit really is great (it just helps one-size diapers be more trim for smaller babies) but we are out of the crossover need stage typically anyway. It's just a nice option.The leg elastic is plenty tight and keeps messes in, but, it's VERY plush and luxe feeling to the skin. It's not a thin layer of material pulled tight over the elastic, like even adult underwear can sometimes experience--it's really cushy, cozy without being bulky along the legs.

      I always love a nice tag shot! I've seen some real cute tags, but this is in the top three for sure! I love the simple typeface and the detail of the baby. It's simple yet adorable. And, you know you have a one-of-a-kind EBB diaper when you see it! You can also see how stick straight all of her seam lines are! I was never one to sew straight, so when I see this kind of intricate quality in craftsmanship, I know care and attention to detail has gone into the product.

      Now for the ornithological delights for the dariere...
      Canadian Geese having a blast in the leaves of fall! Very fitting for the Midwest!

      Here are the inserts (the diaper is sort of a hybrid pocket or AI2 - depending on what you like and how you use it!) The longest insert can double to several sizes, as you can see on the snaps (the top insert) and the bottom insert goes on top for an extra layer of absorption!

      I use all three layers, it is still a pretty trim fit, and for a toddler it's a great amount of protection. I still cannot use it for all night protection but as I've said before, usually wool and fitteds are all that work for us, aside from crazy-stuffing a pocket to the point of hilarity. We do have success during naps most of the time and it's great for daytime use.

      The pocket is a reinforced seam/hem which I love--some of the fleece ginormo pocket openings are really floppy and though it doesn't really affect function, it annoys me. So I like that this added feature gives more form and control to the diaper for easier stuffing.

      Here is a close-up of the inner material. It's sort of mesh-like and it's the only diaper I have with this material - I LOVE it! It's really silky smooth against my sons' bum and it is easy to clean poo from, since the porous areas create room for water to get in there and clean it up with a sprayer! I think Sam has a really awesome diaper design here--definitely an original.

      How It All Shakes Out
      Daytime: 5
      Night-time: 4
      User-friendliness: 5
      Affordability: 5
      Quality: 5
      When All Is Said And Done: 4.8

      Here is a shot of the layers of absorption. It also illustrates the nice elastic and casings along the legs. I think this diaper is absolutely fantastic. The only thing I might change is the lack of crossover snaps. Otherwise, it's a stash favorite for sure!
      **Disclosure: I received a complimentary diaper for the purposes of completing this review. All opinions are 100 percent my own and I received no other compensation.**

      Thinking About Cloth Diapers 3K Fan Giveaway!!!

      Provide a review now!

      We will be using the information you submit to help us decide which brands to test, work with, and give away in the coming year, and will also use it to create more content on our website!

      3000 Fan Giveaway

      To say thank-you to each of you, I'd also like to offer a giveaway! We've worked with a lot of great brands this year, so it's been tough to decide what to give away! I'd go broke if I gave away one diaper from every brand that I love or have worked with, so I'm giving away three awesome diapers, one for every thousand fans!

      In the end, I've decided to support three Canadian brands that have supported me on two or more events in 2012! Of course, there will be lots more giveaways in 2013 - and lots more brands to come!

      With my thanks, the winner of our 3000 Fan Giveaway will receive:
      • 1 Funky Fluff one-size Stay Dry or Bamboo All-in-Three
      • 1 Little Helper one-size Diaper
      • 1 Applecheeks, readers choice of size

      As this giveaway is to thank our Facebook fans, you must like our Facebook page to enter. Additional entries are also available. Please use the Rafflecopter form below.

      Open to Residents of Canada/US, 18+

      This giveaway ends at 11:59 PM EST, Jan 8, 2013

      Please note, all prizes are sponsored by Thinking About Cloth Diapers.
      Thank-you again for your support!

      **Adventures of Mommyhood and participating blogs are not responsible for prize shipment or fulfillment. I was not compensated for this post but am helping another blogger friend reach fans! Thanks for participating!**

      Charity DUNK!!! Frozen Lake Jump for Haiti! Jen needs YOUR help! $20 Pay Pal Cash Giveaway!

      My friend Jen from Life With Levi is competing with a local PR rep to raise money for Haiti Outreach by jumping into a frozen Minnesota lake next weekend.

      Only Minnesotans (and a few folks from Alaska, Wisconsin and other far north dwellers) are crazy enough to jump into hole cut into a frozen lake in the middle of January! Jen is part of the Disco Dunkers team for Freeze Dunk ‘13.

      Now I've done a jump once, for no good reason, in frigid but not frozen lake in November with a hottub nearby. Jen will be doing it for charity and she needs your help!!! She has a goal to raise more money than anyone else on the team.

      That’s where you guys come in. There are two ways you can help support her:
      • Donate to her fundraising efforts. It’s totally a tax write-off and benefits a great cause. Plus, it’ll be worth it to see the video and photos of me freaking out when I hit that icy water.

      • Help spread the word about the fundraiser and her attempt to kick everyone else’s ass.

      As a thanks for helping share this with YOUR friends and family, she's giving away $20 (PayPal) cash to anyone that helps out. She even made it really easy by setting up pre-written tweets you can send out in exchange for entries.

      Here's where you help:

      a Rafflecopter giveaway

      What's Essential Essay Scholarship - Nordic Naturals

      Welcome to a great opportunity to make your family a little healthier and maybe even encourage a young person to try and fund part of their college education with a scholarship! One college student will win $5000.00 for college and a year’s supply of Nordic Naturals’ award-winning omega oils! The essay competition begins January 1st, 2013 and ends on the 31st of March 2013. You can read more about the scholarship program at

      Here is the info, direct from the scholarship flier!

      You can find Nordic Naturals on Facebook and Twitter, too!

      Nordic Naturals wants families to know the importance of Omega-3 fatty acids or “smart fats” in childrens' diets. Did you know that there is research supporting several benefits of these fats, including improvement in attention and concentration, spelling, reading, help for kids diagnosed with ADHD, and so many more great positive "side effects" of consuming Omega-3 fatty acids? You can find out more about this research at

      I was a total stickler for making sure I took my Prenatal vitamin religiously while pregnant. I had an extremely healthy baby boy. I am very strict about him taking his vitamins now that he's a toddler--he's also breastfeeding, so he's getting nutrients from me as well, but I still make sure he gets that those extra necessities. I will also be making sure that his brain is given the best chance I can give it to grow and develop by giving him Omega-3 supplements.

      Here is all the information on Nordic's new Omega-3 Jellies for kids! They're a fun way to get your kids to take their "smart fats!" Correct the Omega-3 deficiency our generation suffers from, starting with YOUR family!

       Make sure to spread the scholarship information far and wide, to all of your friends and family that may be interested. Also make sure to check that your family, especially youngsters are getting an adequate amount of Omega-3 fatty acids, so that you can do your part in helping them grow into the best little humans they can be!

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