Charity DUNK!!! Frozen Lake Jump for Haiti! Jen needs YOUR help! $20 Pay Pal Cash Giveaway!

My friend Jen from Life With Levi is competing with a local PR rep to raise money for Haiti Outreach by jumping into a frozen Minnesota lake next weekend.

Only Minnesotans (and a few folks from Alaska, Wisconsin and other far north dwellers) are crazy enough to jump into hole cut into a frozen lake in the middle of January! Jen is part of the Disco Dunkers team for Freeze Dunk ‘13.

Now I've done a jump once, for no good reason, in frigid but not frozen lake in November with a hottub nearby. Jen will be doing it for charity and she needs your help!!! She has a goal to raise more money than anyone else on the team.

That’s where you guys come in. There are two ways you can help support her:
  • Donate to her fundraising efforts. It’s totally a tax write-off and benefits a great cause. Plus, it’ll be worth it to see the video and photos of me freaking out when I hit that icy water.

  • Help spread the word about the fundraiser and her attempt to kick everyone else’s ass.

As a thanks for helping share this with YOUR friends and family, she's giving away $20 (PayPal) cash to anyone that helps out. She even made it really easy by setting up pre-written tweets you can send out in exchange for entries.

Here's where you help:

a Rafflecopter giveaway


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