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I think every pregnant woman out there suffers from sore feet and headaches. Those of you that are lucky escape the stretch marks - unlike myself - I happen to look like I was attacked by a Bengal tiger. But, to help you do some pampering, more naturally and safely, you can look up eSCENTials Aroma for some great remedies for all that ails you during your time baking that little bun!

Sarah is the gal behind the great, aromatic shop and is super knowledgable about all things aromatherapy! She has studied aromatherapy and knows the safe essential oils and the correct dilution rates for pregnancy and babies. I didn't actually know there was such a thing - I never considered dilution a factor, so I was happy to learn a lot from this smart shopowner! Anything you see in purple is all of Sarah's knowledge and her helpful information that she gave me to share with all of you, regarding aromatherapy and pregancy! Enjoy!
What is aromatherapy?
Aromatherapy is the use of pure essential oils to achieve therapeutic benefits such as improving both physical and psychological well-being. Essential oils are the aromatic liquids derived from flowers, trees, herbs etc. It is the essence of a plant, and the most natural therapy in the world.
She sent me "Oh My Achin' Feet" lotion and I've been loving it! It smells great, is not oily, and is a super excuse to get foot rubs from my husband! The bottles are glass (which I love as a recycling nut) and they are adorned with cute ribbons and ducky charms! The extra effort to 'jazz up' her bottles makes them a very cute shower gift for a friend who might be expecting!

The Lullaby Baby Lotion is great for after bath, right before bed. Our guy sits really well and always has for lotioning, knowing that it's part of the 'bedtime routine.' I think he really likes when his lotion smells good. Personally, the pink bottle of traditional Johnson & Johnson is too smelly for me and I do think there might be some icky additives in there as well. So, we like to use more natural options.
How does it work?
People have been practicing aromatherapy for thousands of years, and it is considered the earliest form of medicine. Traditionally, it has been used mostly for inhalation. This style works well because the molecules from the oil enter the lungs and then travel into the bloodstream quickly. But more recently, it has been used in conjunction with skin therapy. By putting the oil on topically, you not only get the molecules through your lungs, but also through your skin, making it twice as effective. The practice of all natural skin care in conjunction with aromatherapy results in better skin, better spirits, and better health!
You can see from the picture above, the bottles are super adorable! They are definitely gifting-ready when they get delivered to your home. Sarah was super thorough and went way over and above my expectations in her explanations about her products. She is obviously a guru of aromatherapy and is now my go-to person for questions of that nature! I just had a friend wondering about lavender and it's supposed negative effects on boys that she had heard about on Facebook. I immediately gave her Sarah's contact info! See the notecard behind the lotions? She handwrote lots of great info for me! Super sweet and really appreciated!
Here is a photo of the Vanilla Mint lip balm she sent, with 2 different oils on either end - a headache remedy and stretch mark oil. I love the lip balm - usually I prefer citrus to vanilla, but the mint makes it really quite nice. I also REALLY like that it is a sliding tin, NOT a pull or screw top, like Burts Bees. A lot of the time the balm leaks out in the other style and makes it super slippery to get the lid off--this way, you could have cooking oil all over your fingers and still be able to get the balm out to use! It's also a perfect size to stick in your purse or pocket.
How does it relate to pregnancy and babies?
The most fragile time in life is, of course, infancy, but also while mommy is carrying the precious baby. There are many things that cannot and should not be used on delicate skin. Additionally, this is when you should be as natural as possible. You do not want to be introducing harsh chemicals, dangerous ingredients, or synthetic fragrances to yours or your baby’s body. Most over the counter bath and body products have parabens, sulfates, and phthalates. These are additives and preservatives that are known to cause cancer, hormone disruption, and birth defects. The best way to avoid these chemicals, is to use all natural aromatherapy based products.
If you are like me, you read before and didn't realize EVERYTHING you used on your body had these harmful substances in it. When I was pregnant with my son, I looked through my bathroom and found that I would be going on a shopping trip, to replace ALL of my products! It was a tough feat (in your typical big box store anyway), but I did find that Dove brand shampoo and conditioner have a pthalate and paraben free product that actually still conditions my three plus feet of hair! I also had to replace my deodorant (Tom's is awesome) and went eau naturale in the perfume department. So, knowing about essential oils now is helpful to me, so I can still smell good but not endanger my body or baby!
I am plagued with headaches while pregnant (and when I'm not!) But, crumby difference is that while prego, I'm a chemical/medical tyrant -- not letting any undue substances into my body if I can help it. Which means, I suffer but not always in silence, much to my families' displeasure! Having a more body/baby friendly option to turn to for headaches is a real load off. I still prefer to just nap or lay low, but that's not always an option for mamas with a pounding noggin, so having this in your pregnancy pains arsenal is a must!
The stretch mark oil is too late for me, for any prevention, since I'm already a warrior, bearing the marks of my labor love! But, it does keep my skin (especially in the winter on my knuckles and elbows) nice and supple and soft. I like to put it on after my shower, before bedtime so that it can really seep in and keep my skin more moist! We burn wood and live in an arrid, cold cliimate, so we're always walking around like we're dry and depleted!

How can eSCENTials Aroma help?
eSCENTials Perfume & Aromatherapy products are all-natural products infused with 100% pure therapeutic grade essential oils. The blends are specifically formulated to be safe for mommy and baby, so you can literally “feel good” about the products you are using.
You can find all of Sarah's products in her Etsy shop and you can also keep tabs on the new goings-on via Facebook!  Enter to WIN a great aromatherapy product of your own by clicking here for the entry form post!


  1. I think its awesome that people are finally getting educated to the dangers of using chemicals on your skin/babies skin especially right after you have a baby and your hormones are running wild to start with. I love that these products are made with 100% pure therapeutic grade essential oils and are not chaulk full of chemicals.

  2. I love that eSCENTials Perfume & Aromatherapy products are all-natural products!

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  4. "The practice of all natural skin care in conjunction with aromatherapy results in better skin, better spirits, and better health" - I loved this line of your review- it's so true! I have recently got on an essential oil kick myself after realizing I could use them in cleaners. Im pinning this review to my Pinterest board.

  5. I have reread this review a couple times and tonight something really caught my eye that I had not thought much about before- dilution levels for pregnancy and baby. I never thought to think about how potent a lotion should be for a baby compared maybe to an adult.