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Switch to Cloth Spotlight ~ Willow With Love

Willow With Love is a super fun and green Etsy shop that features our favorite heavy-wetter solution here in our household...wool! Kay is a really friendly shop owner and in my conversations with her, I learned that we have several things in common! She's a science fiend like I am, and is actually an environmental professional by day, a wool soaker upcycler by night/free time!

Kay is a working mother, but finds time to not only upcycle wool sweaters into diapers, she makes fleece covers, accessories, and coffee cozy's as well! And, what blew my socks off was to see that she has wool bats in her shop also that she cards herself! So, she works professionally, conserving the environment and she also does it on the side with cloth diapers in her shop. 

She was gracious enough to offer a code for the winner of Switch to Cloth and a soaker for me to tell you guys all about! You might notice that the picture below is a really really cute wool soaker. It has a lake and a treeline and loons in the water. This was such a meaningful diaper cover since my son just ADORES loons. It's a weird thing to love when you're under two, I admit, but when you're mom is a bird nerd and your dad is a forester, you have little hope of growing up normal! Haha!

So, we took our son fishing when he was close to 15 months old and he heard a loon. He copied the noise. We would say things in the boat like "do you hear the loon?" And after that one fishing trip (a few hours long) he knew the sound of a loon. He couldn't tell you what a cow says, and when you asked what a kitty said, he's say "kitty!" But, he KNEW the loon call after that. So, he's always loved them, he sleeps with one. Granny has a 'back up' loon at her house for when we forget his. He can point out a loon in any picture from what seems like a mile away. That is why I knew he would LOVE wearing this diaper! The only problem that I saw was that he might want to wear it backwards, so he could see his beloved loons!

Kay makes soakers from high-quality wool sweaters. Upcycling is such a wonderful way to give life to those sweaters that rarely saw any action other than on a hanger or in a drawer! What's really great is that the ugliest sweaters often times can be the most adorable soakers! It puts a whole new spin on them! This diaper would have been a beautiful sweater and IS a beautiful cover. 'Cuz it's birds and birds rock. And wool is cool. 

Here is the front of the cover. One thing you notice is that Kay has had to painstakingly piece the legs and waist together with the main body of the cover. (At least it would be painstaking for me. I get the impression that she really enjoys making these covers, so know they are sewn with love!) 

Here you can see a close-up of the leg holes. 

The cover is really roomy and I generally put a Rearz Smitten or an Baby Kicks Organic Fitted underneath. You could easily slip in flats or prefolds too, and with the "Flats and Handwashing Challenge" just around the corner, I may well be doing that! The leg holes are roomy, even for my big boy. I do like to see an additional panel sewn into the "wet zone" for extra protection, but if there isn't one, we just use a little extra in our fitted diaper. It's generally not an issue at all, it's more just a piece of mind thing for me!

For those of you that are intimidated by wool, it's really not that scary! We just put the cover on our drying rack after a few uses (if nothing messy gets on the cover and it's just pee diapers it lasts a longer time between washes.) Once it's dry I do a "sniff test" and if the cover smells when dry, it's time to wash. If not, then it's still got a few uses in it. We hand wash in cold water in the sink with CJ's Wool Wash and then usually I just wring it out really well by hand and leave on the rack to dry. You can use the washing machine's final spin to really get the water out, but I usually do it the "old-fashioned" way. With a little Lanolin, it's good to go again! (You can wash with a lanolizing soap, too.)

I like that with Etsy shops you are supporting REAL people and small businesses. I also really like "meeting" people and learning about what their hobbies or livelihoods are. The bonus really is getting a quality, hand-made product like Kay's diaper covers. We have been using it for a few weeks with great results during nap time especially. At night, we use wool, but generally a buttery soft pair of longies that are my son's favorite. The cover works great too, we just have a cool upstairs during the winter months (old house, poor insulation) so we stick to warmer wear. 

Our little fledgling loves the loons, as I thought he might. Instead of wearing it as a diaper cover, I am certain he sees it as an outfit. He will select it if I'm feeling patient and occasionally let him pick his diapering tools while we are getting ready. We have been working on potty-training a lot lately and I love the ease of using fitteds and then slipping on a cover like this one, when you need to head out for the day or for that added protection against wetness (when we sit on the furniture to read, for instance!)

As you can tell from her inventory, the Willow With Love Etsy shop is full of nature-themed covers and accessories for boys, girls, and parents! The coffee cozy can help get you through the child-rearing and diapering years! So, she has something for the whole family! Take a moment to check out her store, show her some love and then make sure to enter the Switch to Cloth grand prize giveaway for your chance at that code being offered to the shop!

Outdoors Music Festivals and Toddlers?

What do you think about the topic of bringing kids to outdoors festivals? Not for kids? Bring the whole fam? Would but you want to ENJOY the concert? Haha!?

The specific kinds of things I'm talking about are:

- Venues where it's all General Admission, standing/sitting on the lawn
- Alcohol is generally purchased there OR sometimes brought in by the people attending
- the music is MOSTLY kid-friendly or at least not offensive (nothing that would be a continuous bleep on television)
- the info says "kids under 12 free"
- the info also says "watch your kids at all times. It shuts down the whole show when folks lose their kids."
- the artist has made children's songs or albums, but the current album being marketed is not the kid's one
- they can be events that last 3 days and require camping (and can cost like $100+/- per adult) OR it can be a 4-6 hour event

So, knowing some of these things, WOULD YOU bring your toddler or young child? Do you think it depends on the kid? On the artist? On the venue?

Have any of you done this? I've been to concerts where kiddos have had a blast. But, I'm not sure if I'd be brave enough to bring my kiddo to a concert that I hadn't already experienced (at least another from that artist or another at that venue) so that I'd have a pre-game plan. And, though I love the idea of being more of a laid-back, "hippie" mom, as I'm often called, I don't know if I feel right bringing a kiddo to that type of scene. Part of me thinks that you would probably enjoy it more without the kids...
The other side of me says "it's a family experience!"

I know this sounds odd, but I'm just polling all of you out there, wondering what you would do if your favorite band was coming to town (or one nearby) and it doesn't say 21 and over on the info tab......

Can we TRY?!

I get on a soapbox about the environment, recycling and the responsibility of humans as inhabitants of the earth a lot. If that's not your thing, you should probably just exit this post. Because it IS my thing. If you're a fellow steward of the earth, read on brethren!

I get SO bummed out by my son's grandparents. Both sides. My parents SUCK at recycling. The sad part? My dad WORKS at the place where recycling starts. All he would have to do is bring it to work. Not recycling is the most appalling act of ignorance I think I've ever seen displayed by my folks. My MIL is just as bad. She preaches all of this caring, bleeding heart propaganda and then doesn't recycle and has even, dare I speak it out loud? LITTERED!

For as much as I know they love my son, I cannot get it through their ever-loving thick skulls that taking care of his environment would be a great way to express love. Providence of his future. Do they listen? Of course not. They buy him something packaged in a million layers of plastic and it's got to be mass-produced and purchased in a big box store. God forbid it is used or homemade.

I don't usually speak ill of my parents. Or most of my elders (excluding celebrities and the like, since they usually have it coming...) But, it's so frustrating! Why can't it be a felony to litter? Or maybe a hang-able offense?! Why don't people realize that being such piggish tenants of our giant dormitory we call Earth is just cutting off our own noses? If we MUST be the selfish mammals that we are, then why don't we at least see the selfish side of the consequences of our actions?!? "IF we keep doing this, it will make life suck for US." That's the most simple form of the selfish argument I can think of and it still doesn't seem to sink in!

So please, friends, readers, folks looking to change. I'm not claiming that I'm Mrs. Ultra Green Queen, I'm trying to reform. I'm working on change. I'm cognizant of my decisions. Can we all just try a little harder? I especially appeal to those of you with children. Can we try harder for them?! Yes--this means a few extra steps to the recycling bin. It means shopping at thrift stores. Biking more. But it is so important to try.

Thank you for reading! Stepping down from my soapbox now, at least for the moment!

Baby Babu Quarterly Giveaway! Ends 3/1

Are you guys ready for a fluffy giveaway? Baby Babu Cloth Diapers have again let me host a giveaway for a one-size pocket diaper from them! Sound like a plan? I think so!

Remember back when I did a Baby Babu OS pocket review? Well, Baby Babu has only gotten better since then! They carry many different designs of pocket sleeve-style diapers. They are priced great and they always have FREE shipping! Always! So, if monkeys or puppies or girly designs are your thing...Baby Babu has you covered! Ready to win?

Good Luck!
One reader will win a Baby Babu one-size pocket diaper and can choose: boy, girl, or neutral!

Must be 18+ to enter. Giveaway is open to US residents only. The winner will be emailed. The winner will then have 48 hours to respond or will forfeit winnings and a replacement winner will be randomly selected.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Disclosure: I was not compensated in any way for this post or giveaway.

Switch to Cloth ~ Spotlight on Spray Pal

Spray Pal is something that I wish I had thought of or come across VERY EARLY in my cloth diapering journey! So, lets take a moment to check out this stellar sponsor of Switch to Cloth! This thing saves me a lot of time and makes me feel like my clean-up routine is a bit more sanitary!

For those of you that are new to cloth, just as people may tell you that you NEED a diaper sprayer, I'm here to tell you it would be VERY wise to have a Spray Pal too. I'm two years into my cloth journey, and just discovered this dandy accessory a few months ago. I used to have poo all over the bowl of the toilet, the rim, the seat, and sometimes even the wall or myself. I like to be pretty thorough when I spray out messy diapers, so that it's less solids in the washing machine. That sometimes means high-pressure spraying close up. And, yes, once in a while I even make the dumbest mistake of all, getting my face right in there (to make sure I can see what I'm doing) and I have been the victim of poo back splash in the face. Sick, right?

Well, with this easy-to-use invention, poo in the face no more! I used to wash out the diaper, put it into our diaper pail, wash my hands, clean the toilet, wash my hands... You see how this took up a lot of time? And, a lot of that time was also spend trying to "box out" a toddler from getting in on all the fun, just as your favorite basketball player might play some serious D! This was just part of cloth diapering I assumed. I did think about googling some YouTube videos (if they are out there) about how to better achieve successful diaper-cleaning, but decided against it, because I didn't want to see anyone else's kiddos' poo either.

Here is my diaper sprayer, ready for action. For spray pal to work, you'll need one of these. Typically, they run about $50, but are well worth the initial investment. I just am not a dunk and swish mom. Never. Ever. Ever. Ever.

The Spray Pal is made by a husband and wife team, right here in the U.S. This heavy duty clip holds your diaper securely so that you don't have to touch the soiled diaper while you're spraying it off. This is handy for me and is more of an incentive to deal with the diaper right away -- it's super easy, so I just take the time to clean it and then I'm done. This in turn, makes my diaper less prone to staining! This is an awesome fringe benefit that I hadn't anticipated before I used the Spray Pal! 

This is a top view looking down into the Spray Pal. You can see the white snaps (similar to the snaps on a diaper) are in 2 different settings. This view is the Spray Pal on the smaller setting (great for storage) and if you snap it on the other setting, it's wider (pictured further below) which helps to accommodate the entire diaper and have room to maneuver the sprayer.

The unforeseen feature in Spray Pal that I found just perfect for our routine is that (at least with the design of our toilet) you can leave the sprayed off diaper attached to the spray pal, in the toilet, flush (the flush water doesn't ever contact my diapers--the height of the spray pal is great!) and then you can leave it there to drip off, eliminating a diaper pail with a few cups of sick diaper water at the bottom! It's a great way to avoid even more MESS that I had before I discovered this lifesaver! My husband was even impressed and cloth diapers don't usually excite him like they do me. Our new mantra after each poopy diaper cleaning has been "Man, I wish we had this from the start!"

As you can see, the diaper is held tightly in the clip. The setting of the Spray Pal is on the wider of the two and I have plenty of room to even use the sprayer within the contraption if I'd like to. I didn't use an actual messy diaper to illustrate, as I figured if you haven't experienced your first poopy diaper, I didn't want to take that experience from you! Haha! If you have, well, you are plenty creative and can imagine all sorts of situations you've been in where this would have saved you from cleaning the bathroom or yearning for a shower. 

I love that the Spray Pal contains the mess. (You would obviously use the Spray Pal over an OPEN toilet, with the lid UP.) It feels like pretty solid construction and has very few "parts" that could break or need replacing. So, it's pretty much a no maintenance device. Supporting small businesses is always great, so I'm happy to share this husband/wife team with you, if you haven't heard of them before! The only con that I found with the Spray Pal was storage. Since it still contends with poo, I don't want to just put it into the bathroom linen closet or anything for storage. So, it goes next to the toilet brush and plunger, adjacent to the stool. Even though I do quickly wipe down the Spray Pal after use with a Clorox wipe or two, I feel like I should store it on a rubber mat that can also be cleaned once in a while from the "run off." So, all in all, that not a very big con. I got a rubber mat for about $3 and now I set all of my toilet tools on it. 

So, what I'm trying to tell you folks is that Spray Pal ROCKS!! I cannot believe how such a simple invention could drastically improve my cloth diaper cleaning experience, but it really has. Poopy diapers are no longer dreaded. I would have LOVED to have one of these during the EBF poo phase and the newborn times in general, when poo was just so plentiful! Think that this is something you desperately need? Put in your order now! As word gets out, Spray Pal is in higher and higher demand, so you might have to wait a week or two, depending on backorders. could enter to win one during the Switch to Cloth giveaway event!! Spray Pal retails for $19.95!! Consider it the best $20 you will ever spend on diapering. 

Switch to Cloth ~ Spotlight on Chelory

A lot of you know that wool is a great option whether you are looking for a night-time solution or you are a 'seasoned veteran' of cloth diapering looking for some adventure! Switch to Cloth is happy to have Rachel, owner and operator of Chelory as a sponsor for our event! Rachel has a huge selection of different styles, colors, and designs available to your on her website, and today, I'm going to be talking about her Wool-in-two (WI2) as a great option for those of you that are starting to take the plunge into wool fun!

Here is the beautiful "Rainbow Swirl" that she hand-dyed for me to try! Doesn't it just make you wish for a warm summer day and a bucket of rainbow sherbet to share with your kiddo? That is what comes to mind for me!

Chelory diapers are an art form, they are one-of-a-kind, and they are hand-dyed. Rachel has made several very creative designs with her dying methods, including some guitars, smileys, stars and peace signs! I am lucky if I can get your basic 'spiral' when tie-dying a tee-shirt, so I was pretty impressed by all of the manipulations she can complete with her dying process to get these fun designs!

Each diaper will have the Chelory tag on the back, so that you know you have a true work of art on your hands, or more likely, on your babies' bum! Rachel said her process for the dying and WI2s was trial and error, but judging from the work I've seen on the web, on friends' babies' and from the diaper she sent me, I'd say she's got it down pat now!

Not only is the diaper fabric a rainbow of swirls, the snaps are all different colors as well. I think the extra time and effort to do small, detailing like coordinating the snaps really makes this diaper pop! You can also see how sizable the diaper truly is. My toddler weighs about 35 lbs and this fits great, with a little room to grow. But, with the snapping rise, you could easily accommodate a much smaller baby!

This is the inside of the diaper. For daytime, this combination of Zorb and Organic Bamboo Fleece in the Fold-to-fit insert works so well that I can just remove the insert and use the cover again (part of the beauty of AI2/WI2 diapering systems!) The insert is considered "heavy weight" and it truly feels hearty, compared to microfiber and other similar materials, but it still offers super maneuverability and absorbs really well. It's not a bulky fit, it's actually rather trim for the amount of action that you get from it! The wider end allows great coverage across the bum, so you have high hopes of containing poo messes and maybe being able to use the cover again, which is an unusual occurrence for most of our diapers!

This photo (taken from the Chelory website) shows the stout form of the inserts and the colors available!

Now, some of the inside of the diaper, ready to be put into action!

Here are two shots of the insert (on the diaper) and up close. I've folded it over so you can get an idea of the flexibility and the thickness of the insert, as well as the general size. You can see when it is folded up for use, the diaper not bulky at all. Also notice that the leg elastic is plentiful but not tightly bound, so it does not cause irritation around the legs and thighs. The other very surprising part about this diaper is the absolute soft, creaminess of the wool. I really did have to look twice to make sure that it WAS wool! At first touch I thought "Oh, man! She accidentally sent a fabric diaper, not wool!" But, I was proven wrong and completely delighted by the fact that it WAS indeed wool, just soft, almost cashmere-like, but without the hairy, static-prone characteristics. It feels almost like a jersey cotton, you know, those well-worn shirts you wear to bed? Like that! I was so excited to get it on my boy! (Rainbow swirl is a great unisex pattern!)

We had awesome results for daytime. Untouchable by any other diaper that is not wool and is this trim! The fact that the shell can be used more than once rocks, and care for this diaper is easy. I use CJ's Wool Wash and Wool Revitalizer, you can read about those here. But, Rachel has her recommended, super easy Care Instructions on her website, so you can rest assured, you'll have a source of information in case you forget!

I say this a lot, but this is my new favorite stash diaper! I think I say that because I keep finding new aspects of diapers each time I try a new one. However, this diaper really rocks! It is more natural fibers, it's a WAHM-made diaper, it's super absorbent and it's cute! Since my toddler is learning to night train and is also potty training during the day more and more, we don't need the tremendous amount of extra inserts and absorption at night (usually.) So, this diaper was great for night-time. The insert is really a super soaker anyway, so I don't know that we'd need to do much additional stuffing, even back when he was a heavy wetter at night and during naps. It is above and beyond awesome during the daytime.

How It All Shakes Out
Daytime: 5
Night-time: 5
User-friendliness: 5
Affordability: 4
Quality: 5
When All Is Said And Done: 4.8

I only docked the diaper in one area, and that was affordability. I wouldn't be able to build a whole stash of WI2s (as much as I'd love to!) I think we are average in our financial situation, and one of the original reasons that we started cloth diapering was because it was more economical. So, saying that, I gave it a four, since there are several diapers (though not always as awesome) that are cheaper ways to go. BUT, wool is more of an investment. It's a worthy investment, but know that wool costs more for the maker to use, it requires a little bit more specific care (lanolin) and there is more time and effort into making beautiful diapers like this one, which as I said before is a work of art! And I do believe it is worth the money (retails at about $50) for the absolute quality and super functionality that you get from it! Otherwise, I give this diaper top marks across the board! 

Want a chance to own some gorgeous WI2 Chelory goodness? Here's your shot! Enter our Switch to Cloth giveaway event to win a gift certificate toward any purchase in the Chelory shop! You can purchase Chelory items anytime from Rachel's shop, when she has it stocked up and ready for you! There are also 'gently loved' Chelory diapers available at her website! Go check it out!

Switch to Cloth is HERE!!!

Hey guys! Happy Valentines Day! It's finally here! Are YOU ready to Switch to Cloth!?!? If you already have, are YOU ready to win some great fluff and stuff?!? Let's get started!

Welcome to the Switch to Cloth Giveaway Event hosted by SAHM of Drama Queens & a Prince, My Cloth Diaper Stash, A Year With Mom and Dad, Mommy of One and Counting and Adventures of Mommyhood. Together we are bringing one lucky winner a cloth diaper prize pack worth over $450.

Glowbugs - 4 pack of winner's choice Girl or Boy/Gender Neutral - Read Karine's review and Shannon's review
Chelory - $30 Store Credit
Poppy Fields - Fitted Poppy Fields Diaper - Read Shannon's review
Rumpkinz - Embroidered Diaper - Read Shannon's review
Sunbaby - Sunbaby 4.0 One-Size - Read Karine's review
BALM! Baby - Diaper Essentials Kit
Irresistibly Green - Sweet Pea Diaper Cover & $50 gift certificate
Green Baby Goods -
Medium Planetwise Wet Bag
Sweet Pea Pocket Diaper - Read Karine's review
Sweet Pea Diaper Cover
Spray Pal - Spray Pal
Diapers by Chris - Diaper
Red Barn Cloth Diapers - Heavy Doody Diaper
Sports Bumz - Fleece Cover (custom slot)

One lucky winner will win everything listed above.
Giveaway is open to US residents only and will end on March 14th at 11:59pm EST

Disclaimer: I received no compensation for this publication. My opinions are my own and may differ from those of your own. Adventures of Mommyhood and all participating blogs are not responsible for shipping prize to winner, nor did I accept any compensation for this promotion.

Birdseed Snow Angels! Why not?

I've been searching and wracking my brain for fun things for a toddler to do outside. We live on a hobby farm, but after a while, his bunnies and chickens start to lose their appeal (at least momentarily) at my son needs some new and fun activities in this snowy wonderland we call home.

So, I decided instead of getting soaking wet making Color Angels we would be bird-friendly and make some bird seed angels! It's pretty much the easiest activity ever!

1) Make Snow Angel

2) Let your kiddo decorate it with bird seed!

3) Have fun!

4) Watch later on, from a window or a distance nearby as the birds devour your creation!

The inspiration for this one? Owls! I know it sounds crazy, but many of you may have seen or heard about the Owl Angels that are made when large owl species swoop down to grab small rodents from under the snow. Their wings make great patterns, which linked the snow angel + birds in my head. I've never found an Owl Angel, but maybe someday in our snow trekking we'll get blessed enough to find one!

Get out and explore with your kids today!

Pampered Preggies Spotlight ~ Mod Mum

Mod Mum is a great place to go for those of you that are mommies and still want to have some style -- no matter what the situation! This includes the hideous hospital gowns that most women end up having to don when you are about to give birth and after you've accomplished that feat, for the new baby photos. Wouldn't it be nice to look cute in your gown? Well, with Mod Mum you can!! Find Lisa and her awesome creations on Facebook, too!

Lisa makes these great hospital gowns that are not only flattering, they are pretty and can even be accommodating to the breastfeeding mamas out there! I slipped it on and sat on my couch, able to breastfeed my almost two-year old so easily!

The gown is made from quality cotton material in several different fun patterns and you can add your own touch by choosing the color sash to go with it!

This is a photo from the Mod Mum Etsy shop that shows the gown that I got to try out. It's called "Olivia" and I chose a gray ribbon to go with. I think the reddish orange color would look adorable too! And, since Lisa knows that we can be indecisive at times, you have the option of ordering additional sashes!

Not expecting? Do you know a friend or relative who is?! This is a perfect shower gift for those mamas that you know what to have the focus on THEM  in the new baby photos, and not on the ugly gown that the hospital sticks you with. Not only are they pretty drab, shapeless, and boring -- you cannot let your personality shine through! With Mod Mum Birthing Gowns, you can show your new baby from the very first moment who cool you are as a mama!

I really appreciate the breastfeeding snaps. The hospital gowns make it nearly impossible to preserve modesty while trying to figure out the dynamic relationship of breastfeeding with your youngster. Now, since I consider myself seasoned, it wouldn't bother me to have half of my belly and breast on display for nurses as they come and go. BUT... I do remember those first moments and feeling like I was naked, trying to initiate the breastfeeding relationship with my son, and feeling very uncomfortable with the sterile environment and my exposure to it!

Here, another photo from Lisa's shop, includes a closer view so you can see exactly how easy it is to give your baby access for breastfeeding.

You can use your gown after you take your bundle home, for sleep attire and for easy breast-feeding at night! And, if you are doomed to have to go to the hospital for other things in life (like surgeries) you can go confidently with your gown. I still have a rather pregnant-looking figure, so I cannot say how the gowns might fit on a "normal" unpregnant-esque body, but I'm sure that even if there is a little extra material that hangs a bit differently than when you were sporting a bump, it's still a million times more fashionable and comforting than the standard issue gowns!

You can also get matching robes, headbands, ring slings, and support pillows! Deck out your post-baby self with all the accessories to match your lovely gown!

Wanna win a gown? Check out my Pampered Preggies giveaway post!

Pampered Preggies Spotlight ~ Periwinkle Nuthatch

All you mommies out there, whether you are expecting, you have kiddos, or if your baby is a fur baby, know that you love to proudly sport your mommyhood! This unique shop can make something wonderful, a true work of art for you to wear and show that you have a little one you love! For me, there was the ultimate symbolism with the sloth mama and baby.

Emily of the Periwinkle Nuthatch Etsy shop specializes in jewelry made with what I grew up calling "shrinky dinks." She does necklaces and earrings that are made of hand drawn and colored sketches and then shrunk down to make them a permanent artwork! She adds embellishments like beads to some of them and they are all "chevron animals." Have you seen many places that sell a Tapir necklace? Not even sure what a Tapir is? Not surprisng. That highlights a very cool aspect of this shop and it's owner--SO unique! It's absolutely one of my favorite jewelry shops and I've been eyeing the earrings, thinking of what I want to get as a present to myself sometime soon!

Here is a photo of the lovely mama and baby sloth that she crafted for me! I especially love these slow-moving, savvy swimmers, since I hung out with them in Costa Rica for several weeks.

I've always been an animal lover and have always been interested in learning all about every crazy species that I can find info about. So, seeing many of my favorites in her assortment is exciting, but makes future purchases no easy task!

My necklace featured a mama and baby sloth and a clear tear-drop style bead on the end. The chain was silver in color and a good length, hitting just above my cleavage/bust area, but below the neckline of most shirts. I love jewelry that expresses a bit of who I am. This really does! It's a great way to show my colors, since I generally have frumpy mom clothes on and sport a ponytail for ease of life--I have about three feet of hair, so it is constantly getting caught in car doors, child car seats, etc. So, having a creative outlet, like funky jewelry is a great way no matter what -- to express some beauty and to pamper yourself!

Got a bird nerd in the family? My family does!! [me!] So this set is pretty amazing! Adding it to my mile-long wishlist!!

Emily's talent for drawing these animals and absolutely NAILING their likenesses in real life is extraordinary! The piece feels like super high quality. It's not thin and flimsy and I haven't had any wear and tear in the time that I've owned it.

Have a furry friend that you'd love to make into a lovely wearable piece of art? Emily can draw something special for you -- isn't it just uncanny, the resemblance she can portray to the photo she's given?

Make sure to check out my Pampered Preggies post for your chance to win a gift certificate to the
Periwinkle Nuthatch Etsy shop
! Emily can also be found at her Facebook page, so make sure you show some love for her total originality and talent there too!

Ring My Neck - Pampered Preggies Sponsor Spotlight

Do you have little vienna sausages on your hands while pregnant? Or, if you're like me, you got your ring sized while pregnant and thought "at least it will ALWAYS fit..." and then post-baby you were fatter than ever and it does not fit even while not with child! Forget about it fitting while pregnant again... haha!

Well, Ring My Neck is the PERFECT solution for this kind of trouble! It is a way to keep sportin' your ring while not able to wear it for whatever reason, but very popular for those mama's cookin' babies!

And, they are a super awesome sponsor for our event! One of you lucky readers will receive a $50 gift code for the shop, so that you can pick out a style that will fit the width of your ring and the personality of your bling -- to make wearing your sparkles possible, even when you are several pounds heavier than when that baby was sized to fit you!

I never ever would have thought of an option like this to keep wearing my ring. Even while when I'm not with child, I have been known to fluctuate a bit and this would be a great way to keep your ring close to your heart. Another great perk? Those rings (mother's, class rings, promise rings, etc.) that no longer have a place on your hand can still be worn this way as well! So, it's not out of commission as soon as you deliver!

MAKE SURE TO CHECK OUT MY PAMPERED PREGGIES event kickoff post for you chance to WIN a $50 store credit from Ring My Neck! Find her on Facebook too - visit the RING MY NECK page to get one of these super cool ring/necklace holders for yourself! If you have questions about sizing, fit, or style, just ask away--Jamie would be glad to help you!