Birdseed Snow Angels! Why not?

I've been searching and wracking my brain for fun things for a toddler to do outside. We live on a hobby farm, but after a while, his bunnies and chickens start to lose their appeal (at least momentarily) at my son needs some new and fun activities in this snowy wonderland we call home.

So, I decided instead of getting soaking wet making Color Angels we would be bird-friendly and make some bird seed angels! It's pretty much the easiest activity ever!

1) Make Snow Angel

2) Let your kiddo decorate it with bird seed!

3) Have fun!

4) Watch later on, from a window or a distance nearby as the birds devour your creation!

The inspiration for this one? Owls! I know it sounds crazy, but many of you may have seen or heard about the Owl Angels that are made when large owl species swoop down to grab small rodents from under the snow. Their wings make great patterns, which linked the snow angel + birds in my head. I've never found an Owl Angel, but maybe someday in our snow trekking we'll get blessed enough to find one!

Get out and explore with your kids today!


  1. Love the bird seed idea! We have a TON of birds were we live and my boys love watching them :-)

  2. What a cute idea for feeding the birds that stick around. Why not, indeed :)

  3. My children would love this! Especially watching the birds eat up the seed!

  4. What a fun idea! I wish we had snow this year to try this but sadly we have only had rain.