Can we TRY?!

I get on a soapbox about the environment, recycling and the responsibility of humans as inhabitants of the earth a lot. If that's not your thing, you should probably just exit this post. Because it IS my thing. If you're a fellow steward of the earth, read on brethren!

I get SO bummed out by my son's grandparents. Both sides. My parents SUCK at recycling. The sad part? My dad WORKS at the place where recycling starts. All he would have to do is bring it to work. Not recycling is the most appalling act of ignorance I think I've ever seen displayed by my folks. My MIL is just as bad. She preaches all of this caring, bleeding heart propaganda and then doesn't recycle and has even, dare I speak it out loud? LITTERED!

For as much as I know they love my son, I cannot get it through their ever-loving thick skulls that taking care of his environment would be a great way to express love. Providence of his future. Do they listen? Of course not. They buy him something packaged in a million layers of plastic and it's got to be mass-produced and purchased in a big box store. God forbid it is used or homemade.

I don't usually speak ill of my parents. Or most of my elders (excluding celebrities and the like, since they usually have it coming...) But, it's so frustrating! Why can't it be a felony to litter? Or maybe a hang-able offense?! Why don't people realize that being such piggish tenants of our giant dormitory we call Earth is just cutting off our own noses? If we MUST be the selfish mammals that we are, then why don't we at least see the selfish side of the consequences of our actions?!? "IF we keep doing this, it will make life suck for US." That's the most simple form of the selfish argument I can think of and it still doesn't seem to sink in!

So please, friends, readers, folks looking to change. I'm not claiming that I'm Mrs. Ultra Green Queen, I'm trying to reform. I'm working on change. I'm cognizant of my decisions. Can we all just try a little harder? I especially appeal to those of you with children. Can we try harder for them?! Yes--this means a few extra steps to the recycling bin. It means shopping at thrift stores. Biking more. But it is so important to try.

Thank you for reading! Stepping down from my soapbox now, at least for the moment!

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  1. I hear you!! Recycling is such an easy way we can all help out. Why wouldn't you do it, it's so easy :)