Outdoors Music Festivals and Toddlers?

What do you think about the topic of bringing kids to outdoors festivals? Not for kids? Bring the whole fam? Would but you want to ENJOY the concert? Haha!?

The specific kinds of things I'm talking about are:

- Venues where it's all General Admission, standing/sitting on the lawn
- Alcohol is generally purchased there OR sometimes brought in by the people attending
- the music is MOSTLY kid-friendly or at least not offensive (nothing that would be a continuous bleep on television)
- the info says "kids under 12 free"
- the info also says "watch your kids at all times. It shuts down the whole show when folks lose their kids."
- the artist has made children's songs or albums, but the current album being marketed is not the kid's one
- they can be events that last 3 days and require camping (and can cost like $100+/- per adult) OR it can be a 4-6 hour event

So, knowing some of these things, WOULD YOU bring your toddler or young child? Do you think it depends on the kid? On the artist? On the venue?

Have any of you done this? I've been to concerts where kiddos have had a blast. But, I'm not sure if I'd be brave enough to bring my kiddo to a concert that I hadn't already experienced (at least another from that artist or another at that venue) so that I'd have a pre-game plan. And, though I love the idea of being more of a laid-back, "hippie" mom, as I'm often called, I don't know if I feel right bringing a kiddo to that type of scene. Part of me thinks that you would probably enjoy it more without the kids...
The other side of me says "it's a family experience!"

I know this sounds odd, but I'm just polling all of you out there, wondering what you would do if your favorite band was coming to town (or one nearby) and it doesn't say 21 and over on the info tab......


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