Pampered Preggies Spotlight ~ Mod Mum

Mod Mum is a great place to go for those of you that are mommies and still want to have some style -- no matter what the situation! This includes the hideous hospital gowns that most women end up having to don when you are about to give birth and after you've accomplished that feat, for the new baby photos. Wouldn't it be nice to look cute in your gown? Well, with Mod Mum you can!! Find Lisa and her awesome creations on Facebook, too!

Lisa makes these great hospital gowns that are not only flattering, they are pretty and can even be accommodating to the breastfeeding mamas out there! I slipped it on and sat on my couch, able to breastfeed my almost two-year old so easily!

The gown is made from quality cotton material in several different fun patterns and you can add your own touch by choosing the color sash to go with it!

This is a photo from the Mod Mum Etsy shop that shows the gown that I got to try out. It's called "Olivia" and I chose a gray ribbon to go with. I think the reddish orange color would look adorable too! And, since Lisa knows that we can be indecisive at times, you have the option of ordering additional sashes!

Not expecting? Do you know a friend or relative who is?! This is a perfect shower gift for those mamas that you know what to have the focus on THEM  in the new baby photos, and not on the ugly gown that the hospital sticks you with. Not only are they pretty drab, shapeless, and boring -- you cannot let your personality shine through! With Mod Mum Birthing Gowns, you can show your new baby from the very first moment who cool you are as a mama!

I really appreciate the breastfeeding snaps. The hospital gowns make it nearly impossible to preserve modesty while trying to figure out the dynamic relationship of breastfeeding with your youngster. Now, since I consider myself seasoned, it wouldn't bother me to have half of my belly and breast on display for nurses as they come and go. BUT... I do remember those first moments and feeling like I was naked, trying to initiate the breastfeeding relationship with my son, and feeling very uncomfortable with the sterile environment and my exposure to it!

Here, another photo from Lisa's shop, includes a closer view so you can see exactly how easy it is to give your baby access for breastfeeding.

You can use your gown after you take your bundle home, for sleep attire and for easy breast-feeding at night! And, if you are doomed to have to go to the hospital for other things in life (like surgeries) you can go confidently with your gown. I still have a rather pregnant-looking figure, so I cannot say how the gowns might fit on a "normal" unpregnant-esque body, but I'm sure that even if there is a little extra material that hangs a bit differently than when you were sporting a bump, it's still a million times more fashionable and comforting than the standard issue gowns!

You can also get matching robes, headbands, ring slings, and support pillows! Deck out your post-baby self with all the accessories to match your lovely gown!

Wanna win a gown? Check out my Pampered Preggies giveaway post!

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  1. I think these are the most adorable things I've ever seen. I couldn't find the link to your giveaway post, however.