Pampered Preggies Spotlight ~ Periwinkle Nuthatch

All you mommies out there, whether you are expecting, you have kiddos, or if your baby is a fur baby, know that you love to proudly sport your mommyhood! This unique shop can make something wonderful, a true work of art for you to wear and show that you have a little one you love! For me, there was the ultimate symbolism with the sloth mama and baby.

Emily of the Periwinkle Nuthatch Etsy shop specializes in jewelry made with what I grew up calling "shrinky dinks." She does necklaces and earrings that are made of hand drawn and colored sketches and then shrunk down to make them a permanent artwork! She adds embellishments like beads to some of them and they are all "chevron animals." Have you seen many places that sell a Tapir necklace? Not even sure what a Tapir is? Not surprisng. That highlights a very cool aspect of this shop and it's owner--SO unique! It's absolutely one of my favorite jewelry shops and I've been eyeing the earrings, thinking of what I want to get as a present to myself sometime soon!

Here is a photo of the lovely mama and baby sloth that she crafted for me! I especially love these slow-moving, savvy swimmers, since I hung out with them in Costa Rica for several weeks.

I've always been an animal lover and have always been interested in learning all about every crazy species that I can find info about. So, seeing many of my favorites in her assortment is exciting, but makes future purchases no easy task!

My necklace featured a mama and baby sloth and a clear tear-drop style bead on the end. The chain was silver in color and a good length, hitting just above my cleavage/bust area, but below the neckline of most shirts. I love jewelry that expresses a bit of who I am. This really does! It's a great way to show my colors, since I generally have frumpy mom clothes on and sport a ponytail for ease of life--I have about three feet of hair, so it is constantly getting caught in car doors, child car seats, etc. So, having a creative outlet, like funky jewelry is a great way no matter what -- to express some beauty and to pamper yourself!

Got a bird nerd in the family? My family does!! [me!] So this set is pretty amazing! Adding it to my mile-long wishlist!!

Emily's talent for drawing these animals and absolutely NAILING their likenesses in real life is extraordinary! The piece feels like super high quality. It's not thin and flimsy and I haven't had any wear and tear in the time that I've owned it.

Have a furry friend that you'd love to make into a lovely wearable piece of art? Emily can draw something special for you -- isn't it just uncanny, the resemblance she can portray to the photo she's given?

Make sure to check out my Pampered Preggies post for your chance to win a gift certificate to the
Periwinkle Nuthatch Etsy shop
! Emily can also be found at her Facebook page, so make sure you show some love for her total originality and talent there too!

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  1. I really like the rabbit with the chevron on the back but I also really love the elephant with the freshwater pearl (as elephants are a symbol of good luck!)