Ring My Neck - Pampered Preggies Sponsor Spotlight

Do you have little vienna sausages on your hands while pregnant? Or, if you're like me, you got your ring sized while pregnant and thought "at least it will ALWAYS fit..." and then post-baby you were fatter than ever and it does not fit even while not with child! Forget about it fitting while pregnant again... haha!

Well, Ring My Neck is the PERFECT solution for this kind of trouble! It is a way to keep sportin' your ring while not able to wear it for whatever reason, but very popular for those mama's cookin' babies!

And, they are a super awesome sponsor for our event! One of you lucky readers will receive a $50 gift code for the shop, so that you can pick out a style that will fit the width of your ring and the personality of your bling -- to make wearing your sparkles possible, even when you are several pounds heavier than when that baby was sized to fit you!

I never ever would have thought of an option like this to keep wearing my ring. Even while when I'm not with child, I have been known to fluctuate a bit and this would be a great way to keep your ring close to your heart. Another great perk? Those rings (mother's, class rings, promise rings, etc.) that no longer have a place on your hand can still be worn this way as well! So, it's not out of commission as soon as you deliver!

MAKE SURE TO CHECK OUT MY PAMPERED PREGGIES event kickoff post for you chance to WIN a $50 store credit from Ring My Neck! Find her on Facebook too - visit the RING MY NECK page to get one of these super cool ring/necklace holders for yourself! If you have questions about sizing, fit, or style, just ask away--Jamie would be glad to help you!

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