Switch to Cloth ~ Spotlight on Chelory

A lot of you know that wool is a great option whether you are looking for a night-time solution or you are a 'seasoned veteran' of cloth diapering looking for some adventure! Switch to Cloth is happy to have Rachel, owner and operator of Chelory as a sponsor for our event! Rachel has a huge selection of different styles, colors, and designs available to your on her website, and today, I'm going to be talking about her Wool-in-two (WI2) as a great option for those of you that are starting to take the plunge into wool fun!

Here is the beautiful "Rainbow Swirl" that she hand-dyed for me to try! Doesn't it just make you wish for a warm summer day and a bucket of rainbow sherbet to share with your kiddo? That is what comes to mind for me!

Chelory diapers are an art form, they are one-of-a-kind, and they are hand-dyed. Rachel has made several very creative designs with her dying methods, including some guitars, smileys, stars and peace signs! I am lucky if I can get your basic 'spiral' when tie-dying a tee-shirt, so I was pretty impressed by all of the manipulations she can complete with her dying process to get these fun designs!

Each diaper will have the Chelory tag on the back, so that you know you have a true work of art on your hands, or more likely, on your babies' bum! Rachel said her process for the dying and WI2s was trial and error, but judging from the work I've seen on the web, on friends' babies' and from the diaper she sent me, I'd say she's got it down pat now!

Not only is the diaper fabric a rainbow of swirls, the snaps are all different colors as well. I think the extra time and effort to do small, detailing like coordinating the snaps really makes this diaper pop! You can also see how sizable the diaper truly is. My toddler weighs about 35 lbs and this fits great, with a little room to grow. But, with the snapping rise, you could easily accommodate a much smaller baby!

This is the inside of the diaper. For daytime, this combination of Zorb and Organic Bamboo Fleece in the Fold-to-fit insert works so well that I can just remove the insert and use the cover again (part of the beauty of AI2/WI2 diapering systems!) The insert is considered "heavy weight" and it truly feels hearty, compared to microfiber and other similar materials, but it still offers super maneuverability and absorbs really well. It's not a bulky fit, it's actually rather trim for the amount of action that you get from it! The wider end allows great coverage across the bum, so you have high hopes of containing poo messes and maybe being able to use the cover again, which is an unusual occurrence for most of our diapers!

This photo (taken from the Chelory website) shows the stout form of the inserts and the colors available!

Now, some of the inside of the diaper, ready to be put into action!

Here are two shots of the insert (on the diaper) and up close. I've folded it over so you can get an idea of the flexibility and the thickness of the insert, as well as the general size. You can see when it is folded up for use, the diaper not bulky at all. Also notice that the leg elastic is plentiful but not tightly bound, so it does not cause irritation around the legs and thighs. The other very surprising part about this diaper is the absolute soft, creaminess of the wool. I really did have to look twice to make sure that it WAS wool! At first touch I thought "Oh, man! She accidentally sent a fabric diaper, not wool!" But, I was proven wrong and completely delighted by the fact that it WAS indeed wool, just soft, almost cashmere-like, but without the hairy, static-prone characteristics. It feels almost like a jersey cotton, you know, those well-worn shirts you wear to bed? Like that! I was so excited to get it on my boy! (Rainbow swirl is a great unisex pattern!)

We had awesome results for daytime. Untouchable by any other diaper that is not wool and is this trim! The fact that the shell can be used more than once rocks, and care for this diaper is easy. I use CJ's Wool Wash and Wool Revitalizer, you can read about those here. But, Rachel has her recommended, super easy Care Instructions on her website, so you can rest assured, you'll have a source of information in case you forget!

I say this a lot, but this is my new favorite stash diaper! I think I say that because I keep finding new aspects of diapers each time I try a new one. However, this diaper really rocks! It is more natural fibers, it's a WAHM-made diaper, it's super absorbent and it's cute! Since my toddler is learning to night train and is also potty training during the day more and more, we don't need the tremendous amount of extra inserts and absorption at night (usually.) So, this diaper was great for night-time. The insert is really a super soaker anyway, so I don't know that we'd need to do much additional stuffing, even back when he was a heavy wetter at night and during naps. It is above and beyond awesome during the daytime.

How It All Shakes Out
Daytime: 5
Night-time: 5
User-friendliness: 5
Affordability: 4
Quality: 5
When All Is Said And Done: 4.8

I only docked the diaper in one area, and that was affordability. I wouldn't be able to build a whole stash of WI2s (as much as I'd love to!) I think we are average in our financial situation, and one of the original reasons that we started cloth diapering was because it was more economical. So, saying that, I gave it a four, since there are several diapers (though not always as awesome) that are cheaper ways to go. BUT, wool is more of an investment. It's a worthy investment, but know that wool costs more for the maker to use, it requires a little bit more specific care (lanolin) and there is more time and effort into making beautiful diapers like this one, which as I said before is a work of art! And I do believe it is worth the money (retails at about $50) for the absolute quality and super functionality that you get from it! Otherwise, I give this diaper top marks across the board! 

Want a chance to own some gorgeous WI2 Chelory goodness? Here's your shot! Enter our Switch to Cloth giveaway event to win a gift certificate toward any purchase in the Chelory shop! You can purchase Chelory items anytime from Rachel's shop, when she has it stocked up and ready for you! There are also 'gently loved' Chelory diapers available at her website! Go check it out!


  1. I love ALL the colors, especially the guitar image!

  2. Her diapers are like artwork! And I love the coordinating inserts.