Switch to Cloth Spotlight ~ Willow With Love

Willow With Love is a super fun and green Etsy shop that features our favorite heavy-wetter solution here in our household...wool! Kay is a really friendly shop owner and in my conversations with her, I learned that we have several things in common! She's a science fiend like I am, and is actually an environmental professional by day, a wool soaker upcycler by night/free time!

Kay is a working mother, but finds time to not only upcycle wool sweaters into diapers, she makes fleece covers, accessories, and coffee cozy's as well! And, what blew my socks off was to see that she has wool bats in her shop also that she cards herself! So, she works professionally, conserving the environment and she also does it on the side with cloth diapers in her shop. 

She was gracious enough to offer a code for the winner of Switch to Cloth and a soaker for me to tell you guys all about! You might notice that the picture below is a really really cute wool soaker. It has a lake and a treeline and loons in the water. This was such a meaningful diaper cover since my son just ADORES loons. It's a weird thing to love when you're under two, I admit, but when you're mom is a bird nerd and your dad is a forester, you have little hope of growing up normal! Haha!

So, we took our son fishing when he was close to 15 months old and he heard a loon. He copied the noise. We would say things in the boat like "do you hear the loon?" And after that one fishing trip (a few hours long) he knew the sound of a loon. He couldn't tell you what a cow says, and when you asked what a kitty said, he's say "kitty!" But, he KNEW the loon call after that. So, he's always loved them, he sleeps with one. Granny has a 'back up' loon at her house for when we forget his. He can point out a loon in any picture from what seems like a mile away. That is why I knew he would LOVE wearing this diaper! The only problem that I saw was that he might want to wear it backwards, so he could see his beloved loons!

Kay makes soakers from high-quality wool sweaters. Upcycling is such a wonderful way to give life to those sweaters that rarely saw any action other than on a hanger or in a drawer! What's really great is that the ugliest sweaters often times can be the most adorable soakers! It puts a whole new spin on them! This diaper would have been a beautiful sweater and IS a beautiful cover. 'Cuz it's birds and birds rock. And wool is cool. 

Here is the front of the cover. One thing you notice is that Kay has had to painstakingly piece the legs and waist together with the main body of the cover. (At least it would be painstaking for me. I get the impression that she really enjoys making these covers, so know they are sewn with love!) 

Here you can see a close-up of the leg holes. 

The cover is really roomy and I generally put a Rearz Smitten or an Baby Kicks Organic Fitted underneath. You could easily slip in flats or prefolds too, and with the "Flats and Handwashing Challenge" just around the corner, I may well be doing that! The leg holes are roomy, even for my big boy. I do like to see an additional panel sewn into the "wet zone" for extra protection, but if there isn't one, we just use a little extra in our fitted diaper. It's generally not an issue at all, it's more just a piece of mind thing for me!

For those of you that are intimidated by wool, it's really not that scary! We just put the cover on our drying rack after a few uses (if nothing messy gets on the cover and it's just pee diapers it lasts a longer time between washes.) Once it's dry I do a "sniff test" and if the cover smells when dry, it's time to wash. If not, then it's still got a few uses in it. We hand wash in cold water in the sink with CJ's Wool Wash and then usually I just wring it out really well by hand and leave on the rack to dry. You can use the washing machine's final spin to really get the water out, but I usually do it the "old-fashioned" way. With a little Lanolin, it's good to go again! (You can wash with a lanolizing soap, too.)

I like that with Etsy shops you are supporting REAL people and small businesses. I also really like "meeting" people and learning about what their hobbies or livelihoods are. The bonus really is getting a quality, hand-made product like Kay's diaper covers. We have been using it for a few weeks with great results during nap time especially. At night, we use wool, but generally a buttery soft pair of longies that are my son's favorite. The cover works great too, we just have a cool upstairs during the winter months (old house, poor insulation) so we stick to warmer wear. 

Our little fledgling loves the loons, as I thought he might. Instead of wearing it as a diaper cover, I am certain he sees it as an outfit. He will select it if I'm feeling patient and occasionally let him pick his diapering tools while we are getting ready. We have been working on potty-training a lot lately and I love the ease of using fitteds and then slipping on a cover like this one, when you need to head out for the day or for that added protection against wetness (when we sit on the furniture to read, for instance!)

As you can tell from her inventory, the Willow With Love Etsy shop is full of nature-themed covers and accessories for boys, girls, and parents! The coffee cozy can help get you through the child-rearing and diapering years! So, she has something for the whole family! Take a moment to check out her store, show her some love and then make sure to enter the Switch to Cloth grand prize giveaway for your chance at that code being offered to the shop!


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