Barefoot Books Review

Have you heard of Barefoot Books yet? They are very popular in the UK and in the US, and I'm a little embarrassed to say that I happened upon them quite by accident. We were shopping for books at a thrift store, nearly a year ago and we found Secret Seahorse. It's a great book! For our family, we read more if the book is to be enjoyed by all.
I know that sounds horrible, but if you're going to read, why not read something you love, right? So, we've stocked our library for our son with books that we've read, that contain a lesson or at least accurate information, and that are stimulating to look at and hear read aloud. Barefoot Books qualifies on all these criteria and then some!

Here is the site photo of Secret Seahorse. Ours is a Hardcover, full-size book with paper pages. It came to us in GREAT condition but we have read it so many times I've taped several pages -- from exploring, somewhat overzealous fingers!

Some of the "Core Values" of the company include:



Give Back

I don't know about your family, but I can definitely get behind a company with values like that!

I decided that it was essential to get the word out about these great books and since we had a big birthday celebration coming up, I thought I'd reach out for that event! What better way to get the information to all of you than a giveaway!! We were welcomed by the company with such great customer service and in perusing the website such an amazing array of books! There are so many covering all sorts of topics and I have no doubt they showcase every color under the sun! Part of the allure is the beauty of the books, but another part is the fact that the information inside them is pretty great too! Animals are accurate in description, name, and coloration. This one is BIG for me, being a wildlife professional. 

Since we loved Secret Seahorse, we decided to add Hidden Hippo and Elusive Moose to our collection--both board books, in hopes of standing the test of time with a toddler. Sometimes, my son will walk around saying "Moose! Moose! Oh no!" If he cannot locate his new beloved book. 

Then, just to try and find some new favorites, we added We're Roaming in the Rainforest and Over in the Meadow, with the Enhanced CD. Lets just say I have the Over in the Meadow song memorized! He loves it! We had a dance party several times to the song before he would sit down and look at the book. Then, he fell in love with that too!

Needless to say, we have FOUR new FAVORITES in this household. Our kiddo is a bookworm and I couldn't be more delighted. Early literacy is so important! I was a literacy tutor and advocate professionally as a service position in a preschool a few years back. I saw some awful bleak starts for some kids...I refused to let that happen to mine. Don't let it happen to your kiddos either! Read to or with them EVERY day!

Reading is a time where a special bond can be made between you and your child, no matter how old they are. Some of my fondest memories growing up are of me begging for "just one more book, PPPPLEEEEAASE!!" to my parents as they kindly, tiredly obliged to read the book one more time that they probably could have recited by that time! This is a WONDERFUL company that I will continue to do business with. I'm so happy that we did happen upon them that day!

**I received one or more review items to complete this post. I received no other compensation. All thoughts are 100% my own and were not influenced in anyway and are honest.**


  1. We actually just placed our first Barefoot Books order and our books are on the way! I'm so excited about this company- great products.

  2. We are always running out of stories in this house because my children EAT THEM UP. Can't get enough! Sounds like some really great books.