Build-A-Bear Review

Build-a-Bear is famous for some really adorable critter creations that your child can make themselves! If you haven't heard about the company, I suggest that you visit their website. It's a real treat! There are seasonal items, favorites, and some Limited Edition friends that will be sure to make a smile spread across your child's face!

We were sent Midnight Bear with the full snowboarding ensemble, since our son's birthday is generally snow-filled unless it's a particularly warm year, which is rare. That's the thing about March birthdays, you never know if you should plan for lambs or lions!

 So, one of my favorite things about the Build-a-Bear animals is the box! When you cannot make it to a factory, they still make your child feel special with the box!

Midnight bear resembles our American Black Bear that is found here in the Midwest. He has a Monster hat, a gray camo snow jacket with faux lambswool collar, black pants, boots, and bindings to go with his sweet BABW (Build-a-Bear Workshop) snowboard and yellow goggles. He is totally decked out for some wintery fun! And, if it happened to be a warm year, and we wanted to envision warm play, we could strip off his warmies and just use the goggles, creatively playing and pretending he was snorkeling!

My son decided that the bear was hungry. So, we also gave him a snack of a delicious homemade fish between slope sessions!

This company has been around since 1997! So, you know you're in good hands paws when you shop and explore with them! Build A Bear is all over, so check the website for a factory near you. We ended up living a few hours from a workshop, so we opted to just have a furry friend sent to us, but we do plan on visiting sometime in the future to see what goes into a bear like this, literally! The detail that is planned for each little friend is awesome--there are small slits, perfectly sized for Midnight Bear's ears on the goggle elastic. There is a hole cut for tails in the pants of most outfits. Each item is crafted with care and is sure to impress the kiddos!

**I was provided with a review item for writing this post. No other compensation was provided and my opinions remain my own.**


  1. We love Build-A-Bear and I've been thinking about doing a birthday party there for our daughter's 3rd b-day coming up this summer.

  2. I think this would make a great Mother's day present!