Grow Organic Gardening Bonanza!!! Grow Greener, Healthier, Better!

Grow Organic Gardening Giveaway Bonanza

Enter the Grow Organic Gardening Giveaway Bonanza!

If you're like me, you like eating organic. You try hard to keep the nasty chemicals and GMOs out of your families' lives whenever possible. I'm still rather green (pardon the irresistible pun!) in the Homesteading/self-sufficiency department. My growing zone (three) makes it difficult to do our own fruits and climate-sensitive plants (since we only have a small greenhouse, currently unfortunately growing home to aphids.) BUT, since I know there are several folks out there, just like me that want to try harder to grow better, this giveaway is for YOU!!

Members of the Homestead Bloggers Network have partnered with Peaceful Valley/ to bring you this fabulous Grow Organic Gardening Giveaway Bonanza with a Harvest Basket overflowing with $200 worth of Peaceful Valley Farm & Garden Supplyʼs organic gardening favorites, to take you through the garden year.

Start and sow certified organic seeds with a seed sower, and mark them with wooden plant labels. Feed them the finest organic fertilizers, and put on an organic cotton t-shirt to harvest them with garden gloves and snips. Carry and rinse the produce in the Harvest Basket. Chart your garden progress on a botanical calendar and plan for next year in a garden journal. Put up your produce with tips from a new book, then use botanical cards when you give those jars as gifts.

Harvest Basket

4 seed tin collections, each with 10 packs of our non-GMO, certified organic seeds:

Seed Sower

Wooden Plant Labels

1 gallon Peaceful Valley Farm & Garden Supply Liquid Fish Fertilizer

1 quart Peaceful Valley Farm & Garden Supply Organic Liquid Kelp

Corona Long Straight Snips

Winner picks the glove and t-shirt sizes!

Peaceful Valley Farm & Supply Organic Cotton T-Shirt

Bamboo Nitrile Gloves

PVFS Garden Art Calendar

A Gardenerʼs Notebook, Doug Oster and Jessica Walliser

How to Store Your Home-Grown Produce

John and Val Harrison PVFS Garden Art Greeting Cards

Additional prizes offered by Baker's Creek and participating blogs:,,, and

Home Gardener's Collection

30 Minute Mozzarella/Ricotta Cheese Kit

Stainless Steel Compost Pail

Ball Canning Lids and Ball Complete Book of Home Preservation

Backyard Farming on an Acre (More or Less) - Signed by Angela England

One really lucky person is going to win this amazing bundle of tools, seeds, books and more to get their garden off to a great start this spring!


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1. Chris Dalziel- Joybilee Farm

2. Dani Meyer- The Adventure Bite

3. Heather Harris- The Homesteading Hippy

4. Erica Mueller- Mom Prepares

5. Angela England- Untrained Housewife

6. Linsey Knerl- Lille Punkin'

7. Gretchen Stuppy Carlson- The Backyard Farming Connection

8. Kristi Stone- Let This Mind Be in You

9. Annie Kaylor Bernauer- Montana Solar Creations

10. Krystyna Thomas- Spring Mountain Living

11. Mary Hitchings- Raising Dick and Jane

12. Amanda Jones- Adventures of Mommyhood


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