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If you grew up in the 90s you will remember (many of you anyway, especially those with younger sibs and if you babysat) the "Mail Song" on Blues Clues. Yes, I know, jog the ol' memory, and it's there!! Along with the words -- or most of them I'm sure!

Just to get a catchy tune in your head: "Here's the mail, it never fails! It makes me want to wag my tail! When it comes I want to wail...MAIL!!!"

Alright, if you all imagined me singing and dancing around while singing this, you'd be wrong, since it's really early in the morning and I don't want to wake my sleeping toddler! BUT, when it came the other day, I did want to sing. Because fluffy mail just does that to you! Especially when that fluffy mail is much-anticipated, like this Diapers by Chris beauty!

Here is the beautiful bright blue--something between royal and cerulean. With neon green snaps and minky inner, it really POPS! In the below photo, you can see the gorgeous PUL that I am talking about as well as the sizable snaps down on the smallest setting. I love that there are several options for this diaper and I was never really sold on Minky until now, but I'm in love!

A lot of cloth diapering moms move away from PUL at least in pocket diapers as they "grow" in their fluffy relationship. I've never been one to de-stash my PUL or pockets. For one, I have uses specific to certain diapers (daddy diapers, diapers that I wouldn't be completely heartbroken if daycare or 'overzealous' grandma wrecks, MY stash, nights, etc. You get my point.) I do however have to admit that I ADORE AI2s. Simply adore them. For the toddler stage they are splendid. I have found that they offer a much better soaker/insert than pocket diapers, are less worry and up-keep than wool covers, and are ONE system, so you don't need to pair things up (my husband has still not grasped all of our cloth diapers and how they go together!) So, to me, a diaper like this is a gem!

The leg holes can accommodate smaller babies and the minky is a super cushioning comfort for the parts of the body exposed to the elastic area. No red marks at all! You can also see the relative trimness  in this side profile of the diaper.

Below, the rise setting make it adjustable, so you can again accommodate several size ranges of babies and make this diaper work better, longer for your childs' needs. 

Now, the best part! I LOVE the inside! The insert is a neon green topped with minky and is a double layered soaker. It is folded in half here, to illustrate the bottom side of the minky. It is sewn together at the top so that it can still agitate freely (and completely separate from the diaper shell) but it makes clean up easier. And, speaking of clean up -- using the Spray Pal on this baby made me extra pleased with the minky top. It makes poo glide right off of the diaper! (I say this with the caveat being that I try to always clean my diapers right away. I've found that ANY diaper performs better under that rule!) But, it kept the mess in. Now, without going into graphic detail, once in a while, the grandparents will slip a disposable on when they "know a poop is coming." I find this really funny, but it's true: once the cloth touches the bum, your sure to find a poop will come! Toddlers like to bounce. And run. And do somersaults. All of this is great if the diaper holds up to it. Well, we didn't have any trouble with this one leaking out around the legs. 

Here is another shot of the insert--you can see it's sewn at the top of the photo, independent of the PUL shell, behind and has two different sides as well as two different materials. Size-wise, the diaper is superb. It's comfy for my little guy and it does what it's supposed to! It works well for us at nap time because we're under two hours, so I'm not as concerned as I used to be about nap time dryness needs. We are also working on potty training, so I do think that naturally, he's just "easier" on diapers these days! But, we've been completely satisfied with this diaper. Easy clean, easy on, cozy fit. You can't beat it for the quality, the great customer service, and the price. The only thing I would change is I might suggest *like always* crossover snaps! They are just so handy! And, since there is a sizable rise, it would compliment the diaper very well to have a sizable waist too. Otherwise, I wouldn't change a thing! 

These diapers are available online and you can also find Diapers by Chris on Facebook! There, you can check out all of the gnarly color schemes and patterns available to you! Do you want to win one? Make sure to enter by checking out the Switch to Cloth giveaway! Going on NOW!

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  1. who know you could get such cute diapers. we dont have kids yet but im thinking cloth diapers are the way to go. some people swear by them others cant stand them. all i see is the money you can save on these and i dont see how you can go wrong. the blog is super informative and looks great. i just started my own baby related blog about the fears and joys that come along with planning baby. its babyreadymaybe.blogspot.com
    please check it out leave advise. we need all the help we can get, there is just so much i want to learn before we have kids