Switch To Cloth Spotlight ~ Sports Bumz

Sports Bumz is a newer company to the cloth diapering world and I hope you will all give them a warm welcome as one of our lovely fluffy sponsors for the Switch to Cloth giveaway event! For all of you mamas out there who have true Sports Bums that are co-cloth diapering daddies with you...this may be one of those wonderful things that tips the scales and converts them fully!

Not only are these gorgeous sporty fleece covers available in SO MANY different sports and teams, they are also so easy to use and really are made with great quality. I know a lot of my cloth diapering colleagues will attest to loving the performance of fitted/prefold/flat diapers with a simple diaper cover. It's easy for daycare, grandparents and parents alike to use a standard diaper cover. 

Something really great about these Sports Bumz covers is that they aren't as daunting or intimidating for most users as a wool cover would be, but they stand up to the performance of wool almost completely. You can use the cover several times (depending on amount of wetting/wicking and then whether or not you had a big mess, obviously!) We chose snap closures because like most of you that have toddlers, ours is a Houdini in most diapers now, but especially Aplix. I can say without a doubt this is one of the most stoutly constructed diapers (especially the snaps) that I have encountered. Really. In my entire stash I'm not sure that the snaps of any other diaper match up. So this is great for nap time, not only to be paired with a fitted for long-lasting dryness next to my boys' skin, but also for those cranky days when the diaper gets ripped off in the toddler bed! Not a chance with this one!

I will say, as I always do, that I'd love to see "crossover" snaps on this cover. I love crossovers. They give you a lot of versatility by just adding a few extra rows, so that the longevity of the diaper is greater for sizing from the very small to the very large toddlers that are not yet potty trained. As you can see, we are "twinkies" fans in my household. I didn't see the Minnesota Twins on gallery of fabric choices, but because it's not too obscure, my wish was granted in less than a week. They have all of your main-line professional sports teams as well as many college teams -- but I'm also venturing a guess that I'm confident you could find just about any team your little sports fan might want to follow in a fleece pattern these days! So whether it's soccer or Quidditch...well, maybe not made-up fantasy sports...but I bet lots of football, baseball and basketball fans can be geared up in the world of fluff for the next bit sporting event of your liking! This would be considered a "custom" cover if the team you choose is not available on the "Available Teams" page. The cost is only about $2-$3 different, so don't be afraid to ask if you can get your Alma mater or whatever athletic team you happen to follow.

This was a cool feature for our family personally, because we also use some diapers made by Monkey Doodlez called "Tuck and Gos." They have a large absorbent insert like a thick pad that just tucks it's corners into the corners of your diaper cover. Really slick for dads--and, low and behold, the pads fit into this diaper cover too! I couldn't have been more excited to discover that! 

There is also a "tab" of fleece that is an additional layer of awesomeness in this cover. So, myself, I'd call it a Cover-in-Two or something. A hybrid cover? Whatever it is, it's seriously genius. I don't have any other diaper covers that have this extra layer. It can be used under the insert to better ensure that you'll be able to use the cover more than once or it can be used like a "stay dry" liner over an insert, leaving one the free side untucked and laying over your insert. This is a SIZED diaper, if you didn't notice that there are no rise snaps (characteristic of a one-size diaper) so make sure that you look at her weight range recommendations for each size. We ordered a Large and our kiddo is about 34 pounds. It fits great and has extra room for him to grow.

Here you can see the luxurious quality of the fleece, the spot where the "liner tab" tucks in, and the elastic of the legs. You cannot beat fleece for comfort. It is just such a rich feeling material. So, along the elastics of the legs, I am certain my boy is not feeling any pinching or abrasive rubbing from this design. 

Here is a shot of the leg hole. Yes, it's the side-view of the diaper, but *don't just the actual size of the diaper by this odd angle.* It IS a TRIM diaper cover, being fleece it's not bulky at all (and bulk will depend on how trim your inserts will be...) So, don't be fooled that your size Large diaper doesn't look like a "newborn" size in real life. (This is a poor photo to showcase size.) BUT, with that disclaimer, haha, it does show the leg holes well. So, for spindly-legged toddlers that still need a large diaper but have skinny legs, this works great. Conversely, chubber-thighs like our kiddo has have plenty of room as well. This is truly a great diaper cover and we love that it is also very sporting! Perfect for the spring training and such underway and the innings to come this season!

You can enter to win a Sports Bumz cover or your choice from the Available Teams by going to the Switch to Cloth giveaway post and using the Rafflecopter form to enter!! Good luck! Let's Play Ball!


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