Trendy Tots Textiles Review

One thing we've known about our boy from the start is that he's a fisherman, like the rest of us. So, it made sense to seek out some fishing-related toys and games for him to enjoy (especially during the winter months!) We go ice fishing, but he likes to cast and such inside. So, with the help of Trendy Tots Textiles, we were able to find an awesome fishing game for kids his age!

Here was my first glimpse at the bright! It took a lot of control to not just give it to him to play with right away! I knew he was going to love this game!

Here is the complete set. 10 fish, 2 of each color, a fishing pole and a heavy-duty wicker basket. I loved the different colors--we're working on colors right now, so not only were we having fun fishing, we were learning colors!

Time to open! He was meticulous about getting the wrapping paper off of each square inch of the box, but then, as he opened it and saw what it contained, he was repeating his mantra-- "fishin' fishin' fishin'!"

The fish are about 4.5" long and have a button for an eye spot. They are stuffed with batting that is soft and squishy, for the sensory learning side of the game to be even more fun. The fish have a magnet up in the "nose" area of the fish and the pole has a large magnet covered in matching fabric on the end. It's a nice sturdy dowel and good quality "line" on the pole. You can simply wrap the line around the dowel to achieve the desired length for your child. We found it was easier for our guy if we put the fish on the floor and put him on the couch or a chair. Then, he could place his caught fish into the basket next to him--just like daddy does! The basket was really a beautiful one as well--nice and pliable--not flimsy and brittle. It will definitely hold up to lots of games of our new rendition of "Go fish!"

Here we are trying to feed Midnight bear some fish. So, I guess you can use the set as a biology and life science lesson too! He was a hungry bear!

All of his own accord, he gathered up all ten fish and had a real hard time trying to keep all of them in his arms as he "tucked them in" with him for bedtime. It was adorable! It was also on our living room floor, so we explained that the fish were going "night-night" too, but that we had to go to bed upstairs in our big boy bed! But, knowing he wanted to sleep with the fishes was actually comforting--he loves them!

You can visit her Etsy shop anytime to order your kiddo their own fun fishing game!

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  1. What fun colors! I bet these were a huge hit with the little one!

  2. Go Fishing is such a great game for toddlers! This set is not just visually appealing but looks like it will last a long time, too.