TWO YEARS!?! Time for a cliche... and a Belated Birthday Bash!

There is a reason that people say things all the time that are very cliche. You cannot avoid it. Until it happens to you, you do not grasp the realness of said cliche. It happened again to me. 

"I cannot believe my child is two years old already. It seems like just yesterday he was being born. Time really does fly..." 

I have uttered all of these common phrases to parenthood lately. I mean them all. I always thought they were generic and meaningless until I had my own child that grew up way to fast, suddenly a big boy where once was a baby. 

I try not to think about the "should haves." I really try to focus on the "will start" and "planning on" phrases in our lives. BUT, if I were to give a few pieces of advice to those readers with new babies, it would be this:

1) Take videos of EVERYTHING. I kept saying "oh my gosh! guess what he did/said today!" But I never taped that moment. Well, they stop making the funny sounds. They get better on their feet. They don't have the SAME smile 3 months later... Pictures are great, but videos are better. Do it. And, invest in a good camera.

2) WRITE IT DOWN. I never EVER thought I'd be scatterbrained. Frankly, I was very on top of shit before becoming a mommy. Fast forward 2+ years and I am putting the cordless phone in the refrigerator,  making lists and not even keeping track of where the lists are, and generally chasing my tail. You won't remember the moments you think will never leave your mind. There are TOO MANY amazing moments. You simply cannot keep them all in full detail in your head. So, for the first year you keep a 'baby book.' Continue! Keep a LIFE book. Give it to your child when they graduate. They will cherish that gift of your written voice for life. It's worth the extra 15 minutes each night to jot down some of your thoughts, their acheivements and your love.

3) Play. Put down the damn phone, computer or tv remote and play. I've learned this finally. My child DOES just really LIKE me! Yes, he can have a room FULL of toys, but if mom or dad or uncle isn't's not near as fun. Love through play.

4) Travel. It NEVER gets easier, only harder. We WISH we had went abroad with our infant. I know it sounds crazy, but they travel much better than toddlers, who usually travel better than preschoolers. You might get lucky, but the younger they are, I believe the easier it WAS!

5) Lastly, take the time to at least try watching/reading/listening to Love and Logic. It works for a lot of folks. It works for us.

So, I've learned all of that from just TWO years. Take it with a grain of salt, or just jump to the giveaway form, it doesn't really affect me. BUT, I do hope that you can benefit from some of the areas where we lacked in the last few years. It's better to learn from OTHER peoples' mistakes!



  1. Wow! This looks like an awesome giveaway!!

  2. Congrats on the 2 year old! I had the same thoughts when our daughter turned two.. I was actually in total denial that she was 2. I kept wondering what happened to the first year, and how did that second year race by? I still haven't finished her first year baby photo book an she's now almost three (but the photos are ready)! I'm trying to play catch up for the oldest and take a ton of photos for our second child: he's 1 month old.