Vintage Baby Prettys I Spy Bag Review

Recently, in my explorations of Etsy (something I LOVE doing in my sparse spare time!) I found this great shop. As you all know, I've been trying to come up with alternative ideas for my big boy when we want to get him a toy or gift. I'm not totally against in-store toys, but I do love unique things and I also like the idea of reducing, reusing, and upcycling. So, I usually try to check several places before buying something that isn't very green or unique. Anyway, back to this awesome shop.... Vintage Baby Pretties! Breann is the creator extraordinaire and has a great selection of these WONDERFUL I-Spy bags with little, detachable laminated cards that go with them.

I fell in love instantly. I immediately saw a great toy that was not only a stimulating activity but also a great ROAD TRIP distraction! It is perfect for travel -- it's compact, but allows for a longer span of use -- which is what you want when you take a trip! It won't spill or have pieces that land under your driver's seat while you're on the interstate in heavy traffic, with a toddler screaming for the missing part. No, this toy will stay safely in their lap unless they throw it! So, you'll probably get some good drive time out of it!

We are heading to a few western destinations this summer and I am planning on packing this I Spy bag! My son's favorite thing to find is the orange horse. There were a few orange items in the bag, which is ironic since we've determined he really loves orange right now! So, we find the horse a lot!

We find the spider on this laminated card a lot too, though right now, he usually calls it a crab. I like that there is this key on the toy, so you can make a game of finding it all. The filler inside the bag is really comfortable to work with and makes it just hard enough that you have to search for each piece inside the bag, yet you cannot see very many at once, making it more fun.

For the older readers in the family, the back of the card tells you a bit about what you are looking for. These I Spy bags are super reasonably price, at just $8.50 each. They would make super gifts for a party (for a handful of kids to take home) or for door prizes. I loved the idea of this being a fun and more stimulating, educational toy than a car or DVD or something similar. 

The I Spy bag itself is constructed of a very soft flannel material with a clear plastic window for viewing. It is really easy for little hands and fingers to manipulate the bag. The assortment of items in the bag are great -- a really good way to learn new words and colors for the little ones! My son keeps saying "treasure! treasure!" Since it is like finding a hidden treasure! 

You can find several of these I Spy bags in the Vintage Baby Pretties shop as well as a few other fun items! There are adorable bows and headbands just waiting to make your kiddo fancy for photos or coordinated with a pretty outfit! 

**I received an item for review purposes. All of the opinions expressed are honest and are my own. I received no other compnesation.**


  1. We have one of these treasure bags and our daughter loves it for car trips!

  2. My children would love some of these fun spy bags! Only problem is I'd have to buy 5! lol