5 Tips for Potty-training Boys

Well, it seems like just yesterday that most of my "Five Tips" posts were about cloth diapering. Now, we've switched gears and though we are nowhere near done with diapers (at least not this month) we're getting closer. So, I bring to you my first "Five Tips for Potty Training BOYS" post!! For some of you, this will be TMI. A lot of these apply to girlies too!

5) Start young. We started introducing the concept of potty training at an early age. Whether or not it would have been different for us had we not gotten a potty for our kiddo when he was under a year, we'll never know. BUT... he's been peeing on the potty exclusively for about three months (when naked) all on his own. He will occasionally say "potty!" in time for me to strip him, but that's still tricky. He started going potty assisted and with lots of reminders (pee only) at about 15 months.

4) Expect pee and poop on the floor. It's best if you just plan to scrub the carpets--a lot! But, it's all about learning--we don't expect puppies not to have accidents, why should we be harder on our kids?

3) The Naked trick works. I used to wonder how letting kids run around naked all day made them potty train. To me, it just seemed like instead of peeing in a diaper, they'd do it wherever they wanted. This is true for the first few times. It takes your attention and patience, but being naked helps a lot. Our family teases us that our son is rarely clothed.

2) Don't be afraid to find their currancy! For some kids, it's gummy worms. For us, it would be great if we could give him lots of gummy vitamins without worrying--he loves them! But, we had to settle for a chocolate chip or Hershey's kiss for pee (or some other small bit of candy--sixlets and those types of candies work great!) and a Dum-Dum sucker for poops. Maybe your little one likes money--nickels? No matter what, positive reinforcement helps.

1) Ready, aim, fire!! For boys, this one takes time...BUT you can help them to have a brighter future, one without a wife nagging them about pee on the sit by trying these 2 tips:

- Before they are able to stand up at the big potty, you can have the sit facing the tank. It goes right in the pot!
- Once they can step up using a stool or even for little kid potties, if you have them stand and hold either the tank or the wall (like the frisking pose on Cops) it creates the right angle and it goes right in -- no aiming manually!!


  1. I wish I had known these tips when I was training my two little guys --- it was a battle and a half. Your tips sound great.

  2. Good tips! We had a "potty party". I had my son sit on his potty chair in the kitchen while I read books to him. We ate Hostess cupcakes (yes, it's been a few years ago - ha!) and he could drink ALL the Koolaid he wanted! :-) He eventually had "to go" and it was a great accomplishment!