Cloth Diapering Best of Class ~ Top 10 Diapers in my Stash

Well, unless we have another kiddo, our cloth days are slowly winding down our cloth diaper adventure. We're still using diapers, but just not exclusively. We use the potty a lot. Which is great, but I just had to reminisce a bit about some of my all time favorite diapers. I hope to add photos of each one, a cloth diaper "Best of the Class of 2013" yearbook, so to speak! haha! Some have been with us since the start, others are fairly recent arrivals. 

10. Bunzuke Pocket
9. AppleCheeks Pocket
8. Dick and Jane AI2
7. Teeny Textiles Fitted
6. Monkey Doodlez TAG
5. Harp Diapers AI2
4. EcoBubs Pocket
3. Blueberry Coverall Pocket
2. Itti Bitti Tutto AI2 (before he outgrew them)
1. Chelory WI2

Do you find yourself sad when you know you will be putting away your stash, maybe even for good!? Do you find it hard to sell? I never thought I'd be attached to something that was made to hold poop. And yet, here I am.


  1. My daughter will be thrilled to hear your thoughts on this. I'll send her the link. Thanks.

  2. I get sad too when I think about the time that I'll have to put away my stash. Don't have to do that yet, but the day will arrive at some point. Hmm, maybe I can convince my kids to use cloth and then I can buy cute diapers for them! :-D

  3. I wish I had of tried some different diapers. We loved our FuzziBunz but there are so many great choices out there!