Building The Chicken Coop ~ Our Backyard Farm

If you build it...they will come!!

We started out with the skeleton of an old ice fishing house. I was not pleased. After 5 minutes of trying to tear off the "rotten boards" we realized we were going to be left with a 2"x 4" and some nails. So, we started from scratch.

Now, I must admit, I was responsible for air-nailing the Blandex to the floor supports. Then, my husband tore it up and put on a new floor. It still counts, right?

I DID pick out the colors and paint it though! And I helped with the overall design & layout. But he gets ALL the credit for it actually being a livable structure for chickens! We are likely going to be adding another row of nest boxes, since I decided to get more chickens than we anticipated!

The whole project of building the coop has taken a week. Each night about 2-3 hours, the entire week. It's not done yet. Rest assured, I'm proud of this puppy, I'll be posting the finished product too!

TIP: I bought the cornflower colored paint at a Habitat for Humanity ReStore. It was just $5.00 for nearly a full gallon. It had a splotch on the lid that led me to believe I was purchasing Cerulean, my absolute favorite color, but hey, for $5.00 -- it's still in the blue family, I'm not complaining!

We had the mustard colored paint laying around.

The trap door is in the back and will open up to a caged in area -- they will be able to free range as well, but we wanted a containment system.

The doors were pretty much all we salvaged from the camper that we bought on last years' Mother's Day adventure road-trip. It was neat to re-purpose some of that purchase a year later, nearly to the day!

We had a door that we upcycled. And some tin for the roof. And some plexi-glass for a small window in front. We have cute a bigger 22" x 30" window in the back and are looking for a window to install.

This ladder was also a dumpster-diving treasure. We are all about salvage here! There you can see the two nest boxes. We will be adding more below and maybe even above.

THERE! A sneak peek at what has been taking up our daylight hours lately! 


  1. Looks awesome! We want to start chickens in our backyard too. We just bought our house and it has a coop, but it needs some renovating! However in the meantime we're renovating OUR living space so chickens will wait. maybe in the spring.

  2. Wow - that's a cool project! I'd love to have a coop one day.

  3. Looks like some chickens are going to be very happy!