We got a few fancy chicks!

We are getting mostly laying hens. For the purpose of not only collecting eggs but also raising some very hands-on "pets" alongside my son. But, since I'm a girl and some things are just so tempting, I had to get six "Fancy" chicks. In fact, I named one Fancy. Lets hope it turns out that that one is a SHE...they were six "straight run" birds, which means there is no tried and true sexing and you run the risk of getting a cockerel. But, that's okay with us too. Probably.

Here they are....

The light-feathered one is a "Frizzy Cochin" as is "Fancy," whom you will meet below.

Here is a Featherfoot. Grey and black with just a dash of brown. I'm thinking "Ruby."

Here again is the so far nameless Frizzy Cochin.

And this is Fancy. Here's her one chance [to be a girl] and not let us down! Oh Reba!

And the whole six pack. 

We have (2) Featherfoot chicks, (2) Silkies, and (2) Frizzy Cochins.

Welcome to the farm little feathered friends!


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