Well, it's finally here!

Spring sprung late this year. Like REALLY late. And then, I guess you could say it was gone after 2 days. We went from single digits to near 90 degrees overnight, quite literally. Which not only screwed up my seed starting (cold temps, low light, etc.) but also meant my favorite season was 48 hrs long. Boo!

BUT--- One really fun thing is that we are in full swing of our backyard farming chores, prep work, and gardening! So, what better way to make sure I'm busy from sun up to sun down than to add a little Backyard Farming Series to the mix!?

Now, this is very loosely structured. I will be telling you about everything we do for the next month from starting to raise chickens (with our toddler in mind), heirloom gardening, prepping, outdoor fun, container gardening, and more!

We just finished putting a coat of paint on our new coop last night and we go to pick up our chicks next week! My seedlings are in various stages of fighting for survival. Hopefully with the additional sunlight and warm temperatures they'll perk up!

We are really excited to tell you about the adventures of becoming more self-reliant, and please remember we are AVERAGE. We aren't total bumbling greenhorns but we certainly aren't experts, so if WE can do it, so can YOU!

Stay tuned for the adventures as they unfold!


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