Sunday Afternoons ~ Review of TWO Sunhats

I didn't think spring let alone summer was ever going to arrive this year. We had snow well into April, then May, and finally, as June came, it felt like we might thaw once again. So, going from worrying about frostbite to worrying about sunburn was what this mama was thinking of the last few weeks!

One of the things that my son inherited from ME was my fair, sensitive skin. He did get a dash of his father, so he turns beige at the end of the summer, rather than my "dark white" -- but he still burns with the best of 'em. So, we need BIG hats.

So, here was my solution. SUNDAY AFTERNOONS

[Stock photos from the Summer Afternoons website]:

Kids Play Hat

Chinstrap with Buckle
Air vents for dissipating heat
adjustable band around the head
Whole face protection
Neck protection

Women's Sundancer

Very lightweight
UPF 50+
Super adjustable
Face AND Neck protection
Fun ruffle to feel cute!

So what did we figure out?

We love Sunday Afternoons for EVERY summer afternoon! 

I love the adjustable chin strap (he can play on a windy day without losing his hat) and it's great that the hat is vented for those sweaty, adventurous toddler days! The BEST part about these hats is that they cover the neck and nearly all of the face (depending on how you are holding your head it can be 100% coverage!) 

My long hair can be popped out the back of the Women's Sundancer, making it more comfortable and cooler on summer days! What REALLY adorable is that since my son knows we BOTH have hats like this, when I put his on, he DEMANDS that I wear mine too. So, there's no excuse for me to ever have a sunburned forehead or neck again! 

I love that the Sundancer gives me a bit of a girlish flair, with the ruffled back. I also really am glad we went with the light-colored hats, so that they wouldn't be hot. The hats both have great ventilation, but having a sand-colored hat is better in my mind than a black one on a hot day!

Not only does Sunday Afternoons offer a HUGE selection of men's, women's, and children's sun hats, they also have swim shirts! You can find Sunday Afternoons on Facebook!

***Thank you to Sunday Afternoons for providing us with these two great hats to complete our review. We think Sunday Afternoons hats ROCK. It's true, at least, for our family. We did not receive any other compensation for this post.***


  1. I am having a terrible time getting my 18 month old to wear her hat. She has such fine skin, though, that we stay inside during the sunniest hours of the day.

  2. I want to try this out! My two year old's chin strap is out biggest problem! She has fairer skin also, so it's definitely a concern of mine. Especially considering we live in AZ - crazy sun/hotness!

  3. I was feeling the same way! Though we didn't have snow that late, just extremely cool weather!