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Hunter's Event 2! Remember how last year rocked? Well this year will too!

Hi folks!

It's been a while since I participated in a group event and I thought it might be fun to come back with a bang. Er...that was a little corny, my pun there, but 'tis the season to hear gunshots and arrows whizzing, right?

I am a hunter. I have several friends that are hunters, both male and female, young and old. Here is a great event that will keep all the hunters in the family happy while indulging your inner beast a little!

Announcing The Hunters Giveaway 2...

Courtney from Joy of Momma Joyner and Trista from Andersons Angels are excited to be bringing you The Hunters Giveaway 2

This event was a super fun last year so lets do it again!! The event will run from 12:01am EST Monday October 7, 2013 through 11:59pm EST Monday October 28, 2013. It's super easy to join in on the fun of getting ready for the Hunting Season!

Let the fun begin!!

To sign up, click HERE.

Tips for Buying Chicks

My TIPS for your first chick-buying trip:

1) Bring your camera. The look of sheer delight on the kiddos faces when they see the baby birds is priceless. Good luck getting them to stand still and look at the camera though!!

2) Do your research. Do you want a meat bird? A Dual purpose bird? A docile pet? An egg empire? Do you want green eggs? Are you willing and able to take the risk of buying "Straight run" birds? 

3) Have the new home for your chicks ready! At the very least, you'll need a brooder box for the chicks in the first weeks of their new life at your home. Food. Water. The means to give both to the birds. A heat source (usually a lamp) and bedding. 

4) Let the experts help. They can tell you things that are invaluable to a beginner! I think that our small percentage of mortality (between one month old and three months old) was due to the fact that I did not "medicate" them. They made it past the "pastey vent" phase and just randomly fell over dead for a spell, before medicating the water. The experts can tell you what you should buy for caring for these little critters if you are a newbie like me!

5) Buy a diverse flock. We had a large selection of different breeds and we're now able to better decide what works for our family and situation. Some places and spaces will need smaller bantams or quieter breeds. Maybe you want dual purpose birds? Maybe you want them to be pretty and fun for a more pet-like experience? Well, if you try out several breeds, you'll know what works for you!

The folks at Hoover's Hatchery can really point you in the right direction. When you're a new-to-chickens family or farm, you can use their helpful website to decipher all sorts of information about breeds and what to expect--making the whole experience more pleasant and enjoyable! You can also get your quality poultry right from them! That's where we got our flock and they are healthy, happy birds!

It happened Overnight

So, just like everyone else, you wake up and BOOM, you're older.

Well, it happened to me last week.

I am having a hard time with no longer being in my early twenties. Or even my mid twenties. LATE twenties is HARD for me!

In the last year I've noticed that my baby is growing too fast, my parents are aging, and I no longer wake up after a night on the cold ground in a sleeping bag without aches and pains. I am no longer a spring chicken!

BUT, I am getting back into "running" shape so I can do a few races this fall and I can still claim to be in the "roaring twenties" for a few more years. I had a GREAT time with my family.

It was too cold to swim at the beach, so I just had a few brews and watched my parents enjoy their grandson. Then I ate WAY too much. Prime rib. Yum. I received some awesome backrub, foot rub, do the dishes, clean house, etc. coupons from my husband and son as well as a sweet hoodie from my parents.

Getting old isn't THAT bad, it's just a little bittersweet I guess.

I'm going to ROCK my thirties, I've decided. So, now I'm in training. Conditioning for next year, when it happens again, overnight.

Ausangate Socks... they ROCK! Review of stellar gear for your feet! (And a Giveaway!)

If I've learned anything from my years of jobs that are odd, adventurous and just plain hard work, I've figured out one secret that stands true for it all: You have to keep your feet happy! I'm a sock snob, among many other things so I've been loyal to a particular brand, popular with the outdoors crowd...until recently. I figured out that I like more natural fiber on my feet but not cotton. This left wool. Very specific wool. It got to be an expensive need, but my feet were spoiled and cotton just would not do. I didn't think there are anything better, then, I heard about Ausangate Socks! I LOVE these socks. They are really like hugs for your feet. Walking on clouds. We were lucky enough to try several different pairs from the kind folks at Ausangate and they all rock!!

I was really surprised to find that I am most head over heels (pardon the pun) for the shorties. I normally wear crew or higher. For the last decade, this has been the case. While exercising it was the only time I wore ankle socks and then they WERE cotton, just because I only have to wear them for such a short time I can tolerate it, and bulk packs of cotton were cheap! So, I was amazed that I fell in love with the shorter version of the Ausangate selection.

Alpacor is different than most materials and even after MANY washes, I can attest that these socks still have most of their original soft, luxurious cushiness! It's AMAZING! My husband tried a pair of the full-length socks and also gave them a super favorable review! He is HARD on socks, all gear really, and they have held up for him and are in his TOP THREE favorite pairs of socks! For a couple that spends 1/2 their time in work boots and 1/2 their time barefoot, having good socks is essential! The only part about the full-length pair I tried was that I have super muscular, giant hiker calves, so the elastic was too tight to be comfortable for me, and I ended up just rolling them down once. Otherwise, absolutely no complaints here!

Here is a shameless selfie of my feet. They are cozy. I love the panel just below the Ausangate logo, as it allows your feet to breathe! I also really like that they have a unique logo; it makes them easy to match in the laundry and hard to mix up with anyone else's socks in the house (especially visiting the in-laws or parents, where socks disappear, never to be heard from again!)

And, another angle of what some of the socks look and fit like. They really snug up to your feet, so they don't have that "extra" slack that cotton can burden you with. After MANY (like over a dozen) washes, the socks have held together perfectly and still feel pretty soft and cushy like when they were new. One of the best feelings in the world is the first time you put on new socks. The second best may be when you find out those socks still feel great after a long hike, while lying in a hammock, and after owning them for several months!

I'd love to see a kids line -- with toddler socks. We find it hard to discover great kids socks (since cotton usually don't fit in with our lifestyle here!) Ausangate would rock EVEN MORE with a kiddo sock collection! Ironically, I found out recently that they are working on a kids line! To celebrate summer, I also found a great summer discount--15% off all SHORTY socks use SUMMER2013 to save now!! The ones that are my very favorite! It's just too good to be true. It's as if the folks at Ausangate (who are super awesome to work with) are READING my MIND!! I'm okay with that. It makes stellar things happen! And...$5.00 flat rate shipping! Seriously...I just can't stop oozing good things about this company!

Great for the price and you can expect a TON of longevity from these socks, make your next purchase count at Ausangate Socks, LLC!! You can give some love to Ausangate and find out more on Facebook by clicking right here! Like 'em, try 'em, you'll LOVE THEM...just like me! 

Oh...I said something about a giveaway. You're probably wondering about that. does a $50 Gift Certificate to Ausangate sound? You can revamp your sock drawer and hike happier. Enter below on the handy Rafflecopter form to win!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Hey folks! It's been a while! An update.

Hi everyone!

Wow. What a summer it has been. I have been chasing my tail it seems for months. BUT.... For mostly good reasons!! Let me share a bit of our adventure to catch you up, and then let you know what is in store for the future...

1) Work. I took a "part-time" job to supplement our income and get out of the house a little, also to let our little guy interact with other kiddos, having daycare a few hours each week. Well, from May 1st - the end of July, I was working 3-4 days/week. To me, that's nearly full-time. So, I talked to the powers-that-be and told them 2 days was my max. So, I'm breathing easy in August, knowing I'll salvage the end of summer and just cut loose (mostly) with my kiddo.

2) Travel. I was pretty much on vacation when I wasn't working. Seriously. Like each day that I wasn't at work we were traveling. It's taken its toll on hubby's annual leave at work, so our next trek isn't until September--probably. Maybe we'll camp locally, but no crazy adventures this month. We went to South Dakota and to a private island resort. It ROCKED. We have also been full of day and weekend trips. I LOVE to travel, but we need a little vaca-detox.

3) Sleep. Amazingly, for 2+ years, I was functioning on just a few hours of sleep. It finally caught up with me this summer and I've been requiring bedtime by midnight and have been sleeping in until the last minute. It feels good. I'd recommend sleep to anyone who doesn't want to slowly slip into insanity!

So, that's been the last three months in a nutshell. Pretty insane, right? Well, it was.

In the midst of all that, I managed to drop my son off at daycare 1.5 hrs early and show up to work equally as early. *Oops.* At least it was early and not LATE.

But then.... about a week ago, I was AWOL. I got a call about an hour after I was supposed to be at work. I thought I was going to get a Friday to rehab the house and just enjoy my boy. Not so. I called my father-in-law to babysit and raced to work for the last 3 hrs of the day. *Big Oops.* Thankfully, the boss was understanding.

So now...I'm slowing it down. This summer I've seen my baby become a big boy and I have no idea if I'll have another baby, so I just want to enjoy this amazing kid. Traveling has let us bond as a family with little environmental/outside distraction. Work has allowed me to fund these adventures. But time off is allowing me to really take it all in and appreciate what we have.

We've also: put house-hunting on the back burner and considered a move to another town - scary! I'm getting back into shape--the most painful process in my history of diet and exercise. I'm at my post-baby heaviest (2 years post baby!) and I'm slowly crawling out from under that.


We've been growing a garden and a yard full of chickens this year. You will get a chance to read about it and maybe win some cool stuff. It's been a crazy growing season here, so it's taken almost all summer to see any fruits errr...vegetables of my labor.

We are still traveling and I want to write about some of the gear that makes outdoor fun more fun for us, so expect to see some highlights.

We have been actively potty training, so you'll see less cloth diaper posting, but rest-assured, my database will remain on the site, for those of you still exploring that area to have the resources I compiled over the last 2 years! Hopefully, I'll be adding to the "newborn" stash in the near future and we'll revisit diapers! But for now, we're happy to have a break from them!