Hey folks! It's been a while! An update.

Hi everyone!

Wow. What a summer it has been. I have been chasing my tail it seems for months. BUT.... For mostly good reasons!! Let me share a bit of our adventure to catch you up, and then let you know what is in store for the future...

1) Work. I took a "part-time" job to supplement our income and get out of the house a little, also to let our little guy interact with other kiddos, having daycare a few hours each week. Well, from May 1st - the end of July, I was working 3-4 days/week. To me, that's nearly full-time. So, I talked to the powers-that-be and told them 2 days was my max. So, I'm breathing easy in August, knowing I'll salvage the end of summer and just cut loose (mostly) with my kiddo.

2) Travel. I was pretty much on vacation when I wasn't working. Seriously. Like each day that I wasn't at work we were traveling. It's taken its toll on hubby's annual leave at work, so our next trek isn't until September--probably. Maybe we'll camp locally, but no crazy adventures this month. We went to South Dakota and to a private island resort. It ROCKED. We have also been full of day and weekend trips. I LOVE to travel, but we need a little vaca-detox.

3) Sleep. Amazingly, for 2+ years, I was functioning on just a few hours of sleep. It finally caught up with me this summer and I've been requiring bedtime by midnight and have been sleeping in until the last minute. It feels good. I'd recommend sleep to anyone who doesn't want to slowly slip into insanity!

So, that's been the last three months in a nutshell. Pretty insane, right? Well, it was.

In the midst of all that, I managed to drop my son off at daycare 1.5 hrs early and show up to work equally as early. *Oops.* At least it was early and not LATE.

But then.... about a week ago, I was AWOL. I got a call about an hour after I was supposed to be at work. I thought I was going to get a Friday to rehab the house and just enjoy my boy. Not so. I called my father-in-law to babysit and raced to work for the last 3 hrs of the day. *Big Oops.* Thankfully, the boss was understanding.

So now...I'm slowing it down. This summer I've seen my baby become a big boy and I have no idea if I'll have another baby, so I just want to enjoy this amazing kid. Traveling has let us bond as a family with little environmental/outside distraction. Work has allowed me to fund these adventures. But time off is allowing me to really take it all in and appreciate what we have.

We've also: put house-hunting on the back burner and considered a move to another town - scary! I'm getting back into shape--the most painful process in my history of diet and exercise. I'm at my post-baby heaviest (2 years post baby!) and I'm slowly crawling out from under that.


We've been growing a garden and a yard full of chickens this year. You will get a chance to read about it and maybe win some cool stuff. It's been a crazy growing season here, so it's taken almost all summer to see any fruits errr...vegetables of my labor.

We are still traveling and I want to write about some of the gear that makes outdoor fun more fun for us, so expect to see some highlights.

We have been actively potty training, so you'll see less cloth diaper posting, but rest-assured, my database will remain on the site, for those of you still exploring that area to have the resources I compiled over the last 2 years! Hopefully, I'll be adding to the "newborn" stash in the near future and we'll revisit diapers! But for now, we're happy to have a break from them!



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