It happened Overnight

So, just like everyone else, you wake up and BOOM, you're older.

Well, it happened to me last week.

I am having a hard time with no longer being in my early twenties. Or even my mid twenties. LATE twenties is HARD for me!

In the last year I've noticed that my baby is growing too fast, my parents are aging, and I no longer wake up after a night on the cold ground in a sleeping bag without aches and pains. I am no longer a spring chicken!

BUT, I am getting back into "running" shape so I can do a few races this fall and I can still claim to be in the "roaring twenties" for a few more years. I had a GREAT time with my family.

It was too cold to swim at the beach, so I just had a few brews and watched my parents enjoy their grandson. Then I ate WAY too much. Prime rib. Yum. I received some awesome backrub, foot rub, do the dishes, clean house, etc. coupons from my husband and son as well as a sweet hoodie from my parents.

Getting old isn't THAT bad, it's just a little bittersweet I guess.

I'm going to ROCK my thirties, I've decided. So, now I'm in training. Conditioning for next year, when it happens again, overnight.


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