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It's O-MEGA Helpful to Your Learning Experience...

You've all heard about how helpful Omega-3s are in keeping you healthy. Smart. Happy. Sharp.

Well, it's true. They help you focus (all of us parents should appreciate that one!) They help with brain development, another one that we as parents can really dig, just for different reasons. You can learn more about Omega 3s and brain function by going HERE.

I've been invited to participate in getting the word out about Omegas with the What’s Essential™ School Supplies Giveaway!! Now I'm inviting YOU to enter!!

for the giveaway!!!

Nordic Naturals is the #1-selling fish oil in the U.S. They have products for kids and adults. The first time around, my son may have just been too young for the jellies, because now, he LOVES THEM!! I feel good knowing that I'm getting at least a little bit of better nutrition into my picky eater! It's like I'm a nutrition ninja! What a great way to get kiddos their much needed brain-boosters, right? Nordic Naturals is committed to giving each generation what they need to grow healthy and strong.

YOU are invited to nominate a school by using the Nordic Naturals Facebook app.

***Elementary, middle, or high schools are eligible for nomination. Nominating period is September 20—October 31, 2013. In November, one school will be selected at random to receive a check for $3,000 for school supplies. 500 nominated schools will receive a copy of Amazing Grades, 101 Best Ways to Improve Your Grades Faster by Pat Wyman.

That's not all!! You can save now, by using the code below on your online order:
SSGIVEAWAY for 15% off of your entire order. 
Code expires: 10/31/13.

***This is a sponsored post. I may receive promotional samples or a complimentary book as a thank you for this sponsored post authorship. My opinions are still my own. I was compensated in no other way.***

It's on! Upland Birds!! Autumn weather! Family Hikes!

Tis that time of year, folks! It's fall hunting season! Yesterday, my family went out for a walk in the woods. I guess the only difference between a regular day, and this time of year is we generally sport camo or blaze orange (or both) and we carry a gun or bow. Otherwise, it's still just hiking.

Our son is to the age where he UNDERSTANDS what hunting is. He knows that our family is one of hunters. He also knows that even if he was to shoot a Blue Jay, he'd have to eat it. I'm proud to have him understand these ideals at a young age. As a farm kiddo, he also knows about death and life cycles.

So, we take him along. We don't yet let him partake or watch the field dressing activities (or the chicken butchering for that matter) because I think it's just too much for a small kiddo to see. But, we do take our boy out hunting. He dons his blaze orange or camo just like the rest of the crew. He has a small bow fashioned from a stick that his dad made him.

We see many birds, of many species. We didn't end up seeing a grouse during this first weekend. But, we did have a nice time in the woods, during the most beautiful time of the year. We haven't seen any pheasants yet, but they'll soon be there too.

We all love fall. What's not to love? No bugs, cooler temps, gorgeous colors... Perfection.

Peepods ~ Comfortable. Period. A review, tried and true.

So, I FINALLY committed. No I didn't say I've been committed, I took the plunge and have made the switch almost entirely to cloth feminine products! Now, I did try another brand last year, but only had three pads, so it was a tough testament trying to use ONLY cloth for even one whole cycle. This time, I was graciously allowed to try seven options from PeePods and had the three from last year as back ups, so it was such a breeze!

I am REALLY excited about the switch! It was less garbage in the bathroom and barely more laundry. It's actually EASIER than cloth diapering! You can learn more by watching the Peepods Promise video below:

I thought it would be a little weird, maybe heavy and "bunchy" to have cloth that would be absorbent enough to work like a conventional tampon or pad. I was proven wrong. Something in the material allows the pad to be no thicker than a regular disposable and with LESS moving and shifting while you wear them. They don't have the smelly "fresh scent" perfumes, like many brands of disposables. 

So, what did I try out?
1 long cranberry
 1 long espresso
 1 long sage green incontinence pad
 two espresso day pads
 1 sage green incontinence pad
 1 cream panty liner
Planet Wise wet/travel bag 

This combination worked well for an entire period. I simply washed while I was wearing my last pad. I DID use the incontinence pads on very light days. I am one that will pee a little when I sneeze, thanks to my large child and natural birth--so these will also be handy for exercise classes! It was sort of an ongoing joke between me and a few friends in Zumba--we'd be doing jumping jacks giggling! So, this will certainly come in handy.

Speaking of exercise with Peepods, I was thinking it would look like I had a giant life raft in my spandex shorts or knit capris, but it was pretty seamless. I didn't feel self consciounce at all about wearing Peepods in public no matter what I was wearing. Obviously, the only time I was not able to wear-test them was swimming.

How It All Shakes Out

Comfort: 5
Absorbency: 5
Price: 5
Quality: 5
Customer Service: 5

Over all, these pads ROCK. The price is just right around $11 per regular period pad. It's pretty much the going rate for cloth pads. Folks have no problem shelling out cash for cloth diapers or even for disposables -- at about $8 per box of pads in the stores. So, this is still a very economical way of tending to nature's monthly call. 

The quality is unmatched. It is just as great or better than the "Brand name" cloth pads I've tried. I like that it's a small operation and that the owner is who you work with directly. She ships fast and is really friendly. She also has options for soaking the pads, though I use a pail that I used during cloth diapering. 

I am SO happy that I finally committed to the switch. There's no going back now! 
I also recommend the wet bag -- it is a discreet way of using mama cloth when away from the home. Rinsing the pads takes a few minutes to do a thorough job, but it's worth it when you go to launder. I use A Happy Green Life detergent on all pads and cloth diapers, as well as clothing in our household. 

*I was provided complimentary product to complete this review. I was not compensated in any other way and as always, opinions are my own and are 100% honest.*