It's on! Upland Birds!! Autumn weather! Family Hikes!

Tis that time of year, folks! It's fall hunting season! Yesterday, my family went out for a walk in the woods. I guess the only difference between a regular day, and this time of year is we generally sport camo or blaze orange (or both) and we carry a gun or bow. Otherwise, it's still just hiking.

Our son is to the age where he UNDERSTANDS what hunting is. He knows that our family is one of hunters. He also knows that even if he was to shoot a Blue Jay, he'd have to eat it. I'm proud to have him understand these ideals at a young age. As a farm kiddo, he also knows about death and life cycles.

So, we take him along. We don't yet let him partake or watch the field dressing activities (or the chicken butchering for that matter) because I think it's just too much for a small kiddo to see. But, we do take our boy out hunting. He dons his blaze orange or camo just like the rest of the crew. He has a small bow fashioned from a stick that his dad made him.

We see many birds, of many species. We didn't end up seeing a grouse during this first weekend. But, we did have a nice time in the woods, during the most beautiful time of the year. We haven't seen any pheasants yet, but they'll soon be there too.

We all love fall. What's not to love? No bugs, cooler temps, gorgeous colors... Perfection.


  1. It was snowing here this morning. I think fall missed our house!

  2. Autumn is the best season for family hikes. I love the crisp air :)

  3. Couldn't agree more! Fall is hands down my favorite season. We're a hunting family as well, camo gear, weapon cleanings, earlier then normal risings, trips to the taxidermist and butcher. Just another day around here :D

    Chelle from Oh, Just Stop Already