Dan Arjes ~ The Antler Artisan

Every hunter has a side that wants to look good, right? Well, maybe not every hunter, but this one does! I LOVE sporting handmade, nature-inspired jewelry. Since I am an avid hunter, mixing my hobby and love of the outdoors with my feminine side and my love of earrings collided when I saw an Etsy shop that is run by the Antler Artisan himself, Dan Arjes.

Dan is the man behind the antlers, so to speak. What's really cool about Dan is that he seems to love sharing his passion, his art, and really creating an awesome niche in the jewelry world. I am happy to be sharing his shop and his work with all of you! The selection and creativity of his work are pretty endless! The prices are incredibly reasonable and you will be able to own and wear a work of art and a piece of nature. LOVE!!

Here is a photo, from the Facebook gallery of Dan Arjes

As you might have noticed, Dan has a huge array of jewelry that he hand creates. He has rings, pendants, earrings, earrings with embellishments, bracelets and more. The other really neat thing about this guy is he is an Elementary Art teacher! I know as a kid (or a teenager...or college student) having a teacher that was this creative would have been really inspiring. I cannot imagine some of the fun assignments and lessons that these classes must get to venture into!

Above are the earrings that Dan kindly shared with me, so that I could share with all of you. They are antler hoops embellished with turquoise--one of my favorites! The fishhooks are good quality metal and as a person highly sensitive to metal afflictions, I've had no problems at all. As you can see, they look great with "hunter" blaze orange. I plan to wear them with my everyday outfits as well as with my Haley Vines Outdoor Collection hunting gear! Beautiful for every occasion! I think it would have been really neat to have these earrings (or something similar) for wedding jewelry. I've seen plenty of hunter-inspired wedding themes (Thank You, Duck Dynasty) this season, so why not add some gorgeous ivory colored earrings?

Dan's creations can be found in the South Dakota area, where he resides, so look for his booth at an artisan fair near you! South Dakota is one of my most favorite places to explore the outdoors, so it's only fitting that my new most favorite piece of jewelry hail from that area as well. 

I implore you, check out Dan's Facebook page, it is where you can see all the really amazing wearable art and jewelry that he's created. So many wonderful photos showcase his immense talent. To me, it is so much more fun and meaningful to wear jewelry with stories and real people behind them, rather than mass-produced big box store type stuff. I wish I had thought of this as a resource for my wedding rings, since deer and elk (and other animals) knock around their antlers during their breeding "rut" season, they are very hardy. Since my husband is tough on stuff, this would be an awesome option for guys like him! 

My ONLY tidbit that I'd like to recommend to readers and customers is that you use a plastic/wax/wood stopper on the back of the earring to keep them in place. The earrings are not overly heavy AT ALL which did surprise me, being that antlers are not light, but they are hoops, so there is not much material to carry about. It does make you feel for the deer though, thinking of so much more mass to tote about the forest! However, they do have a bit of forward pull, so to keep your wearable art on your ears, I'd recommend those "post-back holder thingys" as some added insurance.

Fun Facts (the "wildlifer" in me has to take advantage of this teachable moment...and it's interesting!)

In the spirit of the season, I've included Dan Arjes art in my hunting forays. I have no problem toting my weapon, in search of subsistence for my family while wearing something so beautiful. But, I also wear them when I go out to a movie or to coffee with friends. 

Antlers are a renewable resource (different than HORNS) and do not hurt the animal when they are harvested as "sheds." Shed-hunting is a hobby that many folks in the Midwest (and other areas with ungulates that are antler-bearing) enjoy. 

The antlers drop usually in the winter time and grow back each year, mostly on males, but some species have antlered females as well. 

**Disclosure - I was provided a complimentary pair of earrings to complete this post. Thank you for the generosity, Dan Arjes, I will treasure my earrings and share your art with all of those who ask! My opinions are of course 100% honest and my own. I was not compensated in any other way. **

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  1. Wow, I had no idea that antlers actually fell off and grew back! I always thought that the antlers just kept growing each year- thanks for the lesson :)