Hot Off the Lathe ~ Handcrafted Calls, Brushes, Pens and More

I must admit that I had to look up with a lathe was. I knew it had to do with wood working. I even have a colleague who does "spring pole lathe" designs that were common circa 1900. BUT...I just didn't really have a grasp on it. Now I know a lathe is what you use to get those cool designs, to turn wood for things like furniture, handles and so many more products...including HUNTING CALLS!

Hot off the Lathe is an Etsy shop that contains so many handcrafted and FUNCTIONAL works of art! 

Since deer season has not opened for ME, (my husband has been out already, for archery,) I have not personally used this call for a hunt. I did take it outside and play around with it in the deer stand, but since the deer are more sparse this year and have different forces driving them this time of year (food) I did not see any of the gregarious crepuscular ungulates this time around.

Hot off the Lathe is a husband and wife shop that is obviously owned by some pretty talented woodworkers! I love the use of color and different shapes in their work. If you browse the selection currently available in the shop, you can see that no two items are ever alike!

This shop looks like an extraordinary place to complete your holiday shopping for those hard-to-please recipients OR just to give something totally unique! I think my husband would LOVE a call and I know my MIL who is a hair stylist would love a pretty brush in some pink hues to set at her styling stall! 

But...some things that I REALLY like about the call are:

  • gorgeous!!! 
  • durable
  • sounds appropriate based on real deer sounds I've heard and store bought calls and grunts I've use in the past
  • I LOVE that it is not only US made but hand made
Not a hunter? Not a problem! Hot off the Lathe has other options for you:



  1. Wow! Those look amazingly beautiful! Thanks for sharing.

  2. Not a hunter, but I do appreciate well-crafted items! These are beautifully done. :-)

  3. Those are beautiful! I love buying things from etsy!

  4. They are beautiful. I am not a hunter but I am glad to see that there are other options. Thank you for sharing this :)

  5. i think the one in the second picture is absolutely gorgeous.