In ONE WEEK Curious George: A Halloween Boo fest

We couldn't be more excited. We LOVE "specials" on television--well, I do anyway! I cannot really say whether my toddler does, because that concept is still tough to untangle for him. BUT, I do know that he loves Curious George and ALL of the programming on PBS. This is the FIRST EVER Curious George Halloween special! Your kids will love it and if you're like me, you won't want to miss it either! When the Curious George Swings Into Spring Special came out last April, I actually marked it on my phone calendar so we'd be sure to watch!

We are going to be making sure that we tune in! George is a little like my son and a little like me. Like George, I start thinking about the perfect costume--like in March. Really. I love Halloween!


premieres October 28, repeats October 31

Will you be tuning in? 

Do you and yours love George and the 

Man in the Yellow Hat?

Don't miss this one! 


  1. Thank you for the reminder, I have to set our DVR, my daughter loves George!

  2. Thanks for the heads up, we love George in our house!