Interview with Haley Vines, designer of Haley Vines Outdoor Collection

Women often share the same views about hunting clothing---we're sick of wearing our husband/brother's too-big clothing. Even if they are smaller than we are, the seams are not made to fit women and we're often left with a bulky look and feel that is all but stealthy (or cute) for the hunt.

Finally, a woman has revolutionized the hunting industry for women. Comfort, quality, function and yeah, the clothes are even cute, which appeals to the ladies too! Meet Haley Vines. Her outdoor collection for women will allow you to not only stay warm (or cool) while having a blast enjoying your hobby, the clothes are made by women, for women. So, they know your needs!

Haley Vines Outdoor Collection!!

I had a moment and was able to connect with Haley to learn some insider tidbits about HVOC. You see, I've had a chance to try some of the gear and I am loving it. I think my husband is even a little jealous that I've found something that fits so well! Read on lady hunters, and fellas -- this is a great gift idea for those ladies in your lives that like to enjoy the outdoors!

Do you remember the moment when you had your 'last straw' with the available hunting clothing on the market?
"My best friend called to ask if she could borrow some camouflage clothing that would make her look really good. Her boyfriend invited her hunting and she had been trying (to no avail) to shop for cute hunting clothing. I just laughed and told her that I wore my Dad's or brother's clothes. She was shocked! She scolded me, saying that I had hunted all over the world and that if anyone should have cute hunting clothes it should be me. That night my mother and I sat around the campfire wondering why we tolerate cold, wet feet and baggy apparel. We decided to take a stand and provide women with the same option that men receive everyday. Somehow we exceeded our own expectations and now my husband is jealous because he likes my hunting clothing better than his own."
You've said that you do not get as much time to hunt now that you have the clothing line (which we ALL thank you for your sacrifice! Way to take one for the team!) So, do you have any 'annual' girls trips or time that you set aside to get out there?
"We are a very family oriented group, so we take special time out, at least once a year, to have a friends and family trip. We keep things simple and fun. Each year is different, but always so much fun. My mom and I also enjoy popping in on events such as the DIVAS or BOW."
What has been your favorite hunt, to date?
"I have two... My mom and I spent an entire day stalking a massive, old six point whitetail with stark white antlers. A really neat deer, with lots of character. We were crouched under a bush, so I slowly rose to glass the deer we were stalking which, at this point, were about 50 yards away. When I brought my binoculars up all I could see was antlers... Only antlers... Because the deer was chewing on the bush we were hiding in! I inched back down and tried to signal just how close the deer was. My mom kept shaking her head and pointing out. And I was shaking my head trying to say, no... Right here. But she didn't understand. She inched up, saw the buck eating our bush and ducked back down. He was a huge buck, too young too consider, and definitely had us pinned. So we sat in the bush, while he snacked on it until dark. We didn't get a deer, but it was an amazing hunt."
"My next favorite involved a first deer (which are always my favorite.) Some very close friends (Brett and Kristel) of mine brought their daughter (Kiley) were hunting with us. This was her first hunt ever. She had been practicing relentlessly for months. I assumed that we would go for a doe or a spike, but there was one management buck who had been skirting around my trail cam. He was a twelve point; three brow tines on each side. So a six point with six more brow tines. He was a very cool deer. But he had never come out of the brush, so I had never seem him in the flesh; only on the camera. First day of the hunt at 7 a.m. a buck comes tearing out of the brush, storming into our East Texas oat patch. I couldn't believe it! It was the 12 point. Kiley aimed out of the stand, sitting on her father's lap. I expected her to be nervous. She didn't shake or even question it. The buck turned swiftly to leave. Within half a second, she pulled the trigger and the buck dropped dead in his tracks. I screamed, her dad screamed. We were all high-fiving. It was so exciting and tears just start streaming down her little face. Brett hugs her, laughing and apologizing for scarring her. But she just smiled with big tears streaming down her face and said, "I'm not crying because I'm sad, I'm crying because I'm so happy!" I have never met any child as excited as Kiley that early morning. And I have no idea what compelled that buck to charge into the oat patch that day. Maybe God just wanted to see her smile that morning."
What are the plans for the future of Haley Vines? Kids line? Footwear? Casual wear? Adding colors or blaze orange?
"We would love to add apparel for children. We would also love to add a plus size collection. However, we need women putting pressure on the big box stores to support these additions. As far as I am concerned (as the designer) the sky's the limit. We have so many ideas, it's just a matter of having support from the market. So get out there and let your local Bass Pro, Cabela's, Dick's Academy, etc. know that you want to see the latest from HVOC!"

Checking out the brush situation of my shooting lanes in the deer 'grandstand' -- it's desert camo, but I have been living in this comfortable camo shirt! Loving how it actually FITS me...

I'd like to thank Haley for taking the time to answer my questions and for being the woman behind the brand that has finally given us a true fit for women. I'm incredibly excited to be working with her brand and sharing the clothing line with all of you!


  1. What a great niche she has found. I wish her all the best in her line.

  2. Not a hunter, myself, but I absolutely do see the value in having appropriate fitting camo for women and children on the hunt. After all, the point of camo is to blend in, and one isn't blending very effectively if the clothes don't fit properly and rub against itself due to poor fit.

  3. I am not a lady hunter, but I am a lady that does not fit into men's clothes so I totally see where this is a need.

  4. i am all for the kids line!! my daughter and i dont hunt but we fish,do archery and lots of other outdoorsy stuff and love to wear camo!